Top Ink Tank Printers from HP

So you’ve decided to invest in a good-quality printer for your home or office. A bewildering array of choices greet you in the market: laser printers, inkjet printers and ink tank printers. Each printer class has its share of pros and cons. 

You might have heard about the legendary high print volumes of ink tank printers and their superior environmental sustainability, which makes them perfect printing partners for diverse spaces. 

Let’s take a closer look at what ink tank printers are, why they’re so unique, and the specifications you should consider when purchasing one. We’ll also mention our handpicked selection of the best ink tank printers from HP. 

What is an ink tank printer?

An ink tank printer, as the name suggests, has dedicated ink reservoirs instead of traditional cartridges to hold the printing inks.

The tanks have a much larger capacity compared to a cartridge, which results in a greater printing volume. You’ll be able to print thousands of pages with a single ink bottle. The ink tanks are refillable with spill-proof bottles, so you can quickly fill in more ink as and when needed. This makes an ink tank printer much more economical compared with other types of printers. A single bottle of ink will last you a long time, and the printing cost per page is relatively lower.

Ink tank printer vs cartridge printer: Which one should you choose?

Both ink tank and cartridge printers offer comparable print quality. However, ink tank printers are typically a tad faster. They’re perfect when you need to print a large number of pages every month or for office use, while cartridge printers are ideal when you need only a few prints once in a while. 

The printer cost is another differentiator. While the initial cost of an ink tank printer is often higher compared to a cartridge printer, it is more economical in the long run. This is because ink bottles last a long time, unlike ink cartridges, which only offer a few hundred prints at the maximum, after which they need to be swapped out for new cartridges.

In terms of environmental impact, ink tank printers have an edge, as cartridge printers use disposable plastic cartridges that need to be replaced often.

Despite all their advantages, ink tank printers are quickly set up and are very easy to use. Modern ink tank printers support WiFi printing and scanning abilities, making them an invaluable addition to your home office.

The best ink tank printers from HP

HP is known for pioneering innovative printing technologies, and our ink tank printers offer exceptional print quality, making them indispensable for students and professionals who regularly need high-volume print jobs. 

If you’re wondering which ink tank printer is the best, we’ve made it simple for you with our selection below based on several criteria, including connectivity, environmental footprint, and printing capacity.

HP Smart Tank 580 All-in-One Printer: Best for students

HP Smart Tank 580HP Smart Tank 580

HP Smart Tank 580 All-in-One Printer is a duplex printer, copier, and scanner all rolled into one budget-friendly device. You can print beautiful, crisp, and vibrant A4, 4 x 6 in, and letter-sized colour pages at a high speed from your laptop, tablet and smartphone with equal ease, as the printer supports Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

It is also Mopria-certified, so you can seamlessly print from any compliant device. You can use the HP ePrint technology to email documents and photos to the printer and print them remotely.

The HP Smart Tank 580 printer delivers unsurpassed value with up to 6,000 black or colour pages with the included ink bottles, resulting in ultra-low-cost printing. When you need to refill the printer tank, use HP’s ingeniously designed ink bottles for an easy, spill-free experience.

You’ll always be connected to your printer, as it supports self-healing WiFi for fast, stable and reliable wireless connections to all your devices. It’s easy to get started with the Smart Tank 580 with the mobile-guided setup. The printer has an LCD and illuminated smart buttons to track the printing jobs. The intelligent built-in low-on-ink sensor automatically monitors the ink levels in the reservoirs and alerts you when a refill is needed.

With the HP Smart Advance tool in the HP Smart app, you can conveniently scan documents and photos into PDF files from the printer. You also get the award-winning HP Wolf Essential security that actively protects your documents against cyber threats.

Easily make copies of your IDs with the Enhanced ID Copy technology that detects and copies two-sided IDs and prints them on a single page. Like all HP products, the printer is built with sustainability in mind and is engineered from 45% post-consumer recycled plastic.

HP Smart Tank 720 All-in-One: Best for homes

HP Smart Tank 720HP Smart Tank 720

The HP Smart Tank 720 All-in-One printer is ideal for homes and home offices that need print, scan, and copy functionalities. It prints up to 23 ppm (pages per minute) in black and 9 ppm in colour. You can install the printer in minutes and conveniently print from any device over Hi-Speed USB 2.0, WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

Print seamlessly from anywhere using the HP Smart app with fast, self-healing dual-band (2.4/5G) WiFi and WiFi Direct printing support. Use automatic two-sided printing for rapid duplex printing and the Shortcuts feature in HP Smart to scale your productivity.

The printer also features smart-guided backlit buttons and a two-line LCD screen to track progress and manage prints. The low-on-ink and paper sensors will alert you when you need to refill the ink tank and if the printer runs out of paper respectively.

The fully loaded Smart Tank 720 printer is perfect for low-cost printing. You get up to 8,000 colour or 6,000 black prints with the included HP ink. When you exhaust your ink supplies, use Original HP Ink for a squeeze-free and spill-free refill experience.

Safeguard your private documents and files with integrated class-leading security features, including password protection and encryption.

The printer is built from 25% recycled plastic and is recyclable through the HP Planet Partners program. You can further embrace greener printing when you use HP FSC®-certified paper. It also has an EPEAT® silver certification which reaffirms its reduced environmental footprint.

HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless All-in-One: Best for small teams

HP Smart Tank 615HP Smart Tank 615

The HP Smart Tank 615 Wireless All-in-One printer features print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities in a single unit. Use the 2.2-inch touch screen to conveniently interact with the printer.

Take high-volume printing to the next level with up to 8,000 colour or 6,000 black prints at an exceptionally low cost per page. The package includes a high-yield Original HP Black Ink XL bottle and cyan, magenta and yellow HP Original Ink bottles.

Printing is also 38% faster than the older models, supporting up to 11 ppm for black ink and up to 5 ppm for coloured prints. Faster doesn’t mean compromised quality, though, as the printer delivers breathtakingly accurate and vivid colours.

You can use the HP Smart Tank 615 to create durable, long-lasting photos with reduced fading. Use the HP Smart app to create and print greeting cards, flyers, brochures or borderless photos with your printer.

With support for fast dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity, you can conveniently print, scan, and copy from any device, including your smartphone, using the HP Smart app. The app elevates printer features to the next level with Shortcuts that automate repetitive tasks and save time. 

The printer has an integrated 35-page ADF (automatic document feeder) to rapidly scan and copy documents and photos.

When the automatic ink sensor alerts for a refill, keep those messy ink nightmares at bay with the advanced integrated ink tank system. Easily replenish the ink tanks with resealable bottles without worrying about spilling ink.

HP Smart Tank 750 All-in-One: Best all-around choice

HP Smart Tank 750HP Smart Tank 750

The HP Smart Tank 750 All-in-One printer is for those who need top-notch printing quality. The printer offers a hassle-free print, copy, and scan experience and supports USB, dual-band WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity. 

You can print from anywhere and any device without worrying about complex setups. The printer is compliant with Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, and works seamlessly with the HP Smart app. Two-sided printing is supported too.

The printer has an integrated 35-page auto document feeder (ADF) for faster scanning, photocopying and printing. You get up to 15 ppm print speed for black and 9 ppm for colour prints. With the included Original HP Ink, print up to 8,000 colour or 6,000 black pages. 

Like with other HP Smart Tank printers, it’s super easy to refill the ink tanks without spills. Simply plug the bottle into the tank and allow it to drain without squeezing. It’s that easy. The printer also packs powerful privacy and security features that include password and encryption-based protection to safeguard your documents.

The HP Smart Tank 750 printer is built from 25% recycled plastic and is EPEAT silver-certified. The printer itself is also recyclable through the HP Planet Partners program. It is also Blue Angel compliant, a German certification awarded to environmentally-friendly products.


An ink tank printer is best suited for high-volume printing at an exceedingly low cost per page, all without the hassles of frequently replacing cartridges. Whether you’re looking for the best ink tank printer for your home office, dorm room, or business space, HP’s Smart Tank printers deliver crisp texts and vibrant, fade-resistant colours.

About the Author: Vidhu Jain is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. A Fortune 500 experienced brand storyteller, she’s a voracious reader who loves travelling and exploring the world.