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  1. What is an IPS Monitor?

    What is an IPS monitor

    An in-plane switching (IPS) monitor is a type of LCD (liquid-crystal display) monitor. It’s made up of backlighting or a mirror behind a polarizer. These sit behind the liquid with crystals mixed into it. The monitor relies on perfect alignment of the liquid crystals to pass along the light to the next polarizer. These crystals spin into position when electrically charged. In front of all of this is another polarizer, with the whole thing covered in the protective glass "screen" that we see with our eyes or touch, if it's a touch screen product. IPS is the standard for high-end monitors, such as those in some touch screen displays. There are two other types of LCD panels in today’s displays. These are TN (twisted nematic), which are commonly used for less-expensive computer displays, and VA (vertical alignment), which have excellent contrast with deep blacks, but their slow refresh rates make them better for watching

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  2. Top 5 27-Inch Monitors from HP Singapore

    Top 5 27-Inch Monitors from HP
    A 27-inch monitor strikes the right balance between screen size and desk space. Take a step down to a 24-incher, and you might find it tiresome to work long hours or operate simultaneous apps. Any larger, and it may not fit comfortably on your desk. For many, 27 inches is the sweet spot for PC screen size.

    But size isn’t the only factor that matters. There’s a whole host of other things to consider when shopping for a new monitor. We’ll explain the pros and cons of a 27-inch monitor, what features to look for, and the top five options in the HP Singapore store.

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  3. How to Overclock a Monitor for Gaming

    How to Overclock a Monitor for Gaming
    You could improve your gaming experience by optimizing your current monitor without having to shell out big bucks.
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  4. VSync - Should I turn it on or off?

    VSync - Should I turn it on or off?
    VSync is one of the latest and greatest visual-enhancement technologies that work to bring your favorite video game scapes to vibrant life. But what exactly is VSync?
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