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  1. The Best HP Gaming Laptop Brands: HP OMEN vs Pavilion

    Best laptops
    Want to learn the key differences between HP’s best gaming laptop brands, the HP OMEN and HP Pavilion gaming PC lines? Find out which is best suited to pro versus casual gamers, what price points will get you all the core gaming features that you require to level up and win, and which accessories can help you complete your gaming arsenal.

    Best HP gaming laptop brands: HP Pavilion and HP OMEN

    The two leading contenders for best HP gaming laptop brands are, hands down, HP Pavilion and HP OMEN. Many of the models of these brands are built for gaming, with gamers in mind, even though they each have distinct differences and advantages.


    A trusted brand, the HP Pavilion line supports mainstream platforms and performance features. The laptops, familiar and versatile with a hint of “edge,” are a perfect fit for any gamer who needs a PC that can provide exceptional performance
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  2. How to Use a Scanner

    How to Use a Scanner
    Using a scanner is a vital tech skill. From storing your child’s favorite drawing to the cloud to getting a clear copy of a legal document so you can send it by fax, the perfect scan is essential. If you own an HP scanner and have questions about how to use it, this step-by-step tutorial can get you scanning documents in no time.
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  3. Best Deals on HP Laptops

    Best Deals on HP Laptops
    Finding the best deal on an HP laptop can be a challenging experience. There are many different models and configurations to choose from, including a large variety of features, sizes, prices, and other options. There is also the question of when to buy them so that you ensure you’re getting the best available deals at the right time. If you’re looking for the best deals on HP laptops, we’re here to help.
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  4. How to Install Windows 11 from a USB Drive

    How to Install Windows 11 from a USB Drive
    If you own a PC, you may have already received a prompt to download and install the latest Windows operating system, Windows 11. This version comes with loads of new features, including gaming perks, a simplified layout, and intuitive shortcuts. In short, it’s been a game-changer for many users.
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  5. What are the Most Popular Computer Monitor Cable Types?

    What are the Most Popular Computer Monitor Cable Types?

    Whether you’re setting up a new desktop PC for the first time or you want to upgrade to a second monitor, getting the best experience depends largely on the components you purchase. If you’re not familiar with the different computer monitor cables available, the choices may be confusing. Here’s what you need to know to make the best buying choice.

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  6. HP Pavilion Review

    HP Pavilion Review

    The HP Pavilion line of laptops is known for its speed and portability, as well as its reasonable prices. Best of all, the HP Pavilion suits the needs of a wide range of users, including students, those who travel and work on-the-go, gamers, and creatives.

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  7. Settling the Epic Debate: Laptop vs Desktop PC

    Settling the Epic Debate: Laptop vs Desktop PC

    The options are truly endless when it comes to selecting the perfect computer, and with the constant updating, upgrading, and innovating the digital age delivers to consumers on a regular basis, selecting the smartest tech can be overwhelming.

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  8. 3 Best HP Scientific Calculators for 2023

    3 Best HP Scientific Calculators for 2019
    The HP 35S scientific calculator is the gold standard for engineers, scientists, surveyors, college students, and medical professionals. But what’s the best scientific calculator for your specific situation? It’s a tricky question because except in certain niches, tablets and computers have cut the need for scientific and graphing calculators to nearly zero. However, in those niches, these calculators are indispensable.
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  9. What is My Screen Resolution?

    What is My Screen Resolution?
    Computer monitors and laptop screens have varying specs that determine what your games, movies, and even web browsers look like. But how exactly do screen resolutions affect your experience? What can you do to change it? How can you find out what resolution you currently have? We’ll answer these questions in the following guide.
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  10. 8 Best HP PC Monitors for Everyday Use

    8 Best HP PC Monitors for Everyday Use

    Your monitor is your window to the world, the hub of your entertainment system, a tool for work, and a way to visualize your projects. The right display is paramount to the full enjoyment of your PC. But if you’re in the market for a new monitor, you might not be certain what features to focus on.

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