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  1. Best Work from Home Laptops from HP Singapore

    Best Work from Home Laptops from HP Singapore
    Remote work has taken the world by storm and laptops have now become indispensable tools. The right laptop can seamlessly transform any corner of your home into a highly productive virtual office space. In addition, laptops offer unprecedented mobility and productivity on the go. 

    As the lines between physical and virtual workspaces continue to blur, the need for powerful machines that can keep up grows stronger. In this article, we’ll dive into the important specs to watch out for when buying a laptop for remote work. From processing power to battery life and RAM to security features, we’ll walk you through all the essential features. Finally, we’ve also handpicked some of the best laptops for working from home in Singapore.
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  2. 5 Best Online Assessment Tools for Teachers

    5 Best Online Teaching Tools for Teachers
    Teachers need to know how well students are assimilating lessons so as not to leave anyone behind. You also have to assess each student at the end of the quarter, term, and semester and bestow a final grade that reflects both their understanding and their level of effort.
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  3. 7 Best HP Printers for Home Office

    7 Best HP Printers for Home Office
    Home offices have become increasingly important in the modern era. The 2019 State of Remote Work study by Owl Labs estimates that approximately 30% of the full-time workforce is remote [1]. This is a big shift from the last decade as technology, from messaging and conferencing software to cloud-based project management tools, makes this increasingly feasible.
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