5 HP Business Laptops to Buy in Singapore
Missing an important deadline because your laptop ran out of battery can leave a bad impression on your superiors and clients. This is why business-grade laptops are often seen as a ticket to better career prospects and less stress while performing daily tasks. 

This article will look at some of the most important details that you should pay attention to when shopping for a business laptop from HP. We'll also offer our top picks for the best business laptop, ranging in budget and covering components to help work more efficiently. 

Must-have business laptop features

What are the basic requirements for business laptops? The proper business laptop needs to have adequate battery life, stay cool and perform under pressure, and have the processing power to take on any tasks. It should also be durable enough to travel anywhere business takes you, and be able to facilitate different connections. Here’s why these features are vital to consider when shopping for one.  

Battery Life

The usual range of battery life for business laptops falls between 10 to 12 hours. More expensive models offer a battery life lasting 13 hours of office work. 

The most important thing when choosing a laptop is to find one that suits your specific needs and ensure that its battery can last through your workload. Intel®, NVIDIA®, and AMD are all good processor brands that can easily handle the daily needs of your job. 


As a rule of thumb, the thinner the laptop, the worse the fan, which can be a significant issue since the performance worsens when the laptop gets warmer. Additionally, in such scenarios, the ventilation system needs to work harder; consequently, the laptop keeps getting louder. 

If you want to buy a laptop with minimal noise, inspect the processor ventilation system. 

Connections and support

The standard connection set for a business laptop should include USB Type-A and Type-C ports, VGA and DVI support, an HDMI port, and an SD card reader. This will help facilitate the use of accessories and memory connections often used with laptops.


If travelling is a regular part of your work responsibilities, ensure that your laptop is durable and sturdy. Look for a laptop with metal hinges and a lid made of magnesium or carbon alloy. Additionally, you should ensure that the laptop is not heavier than 4 or 5 lbs, as carrying it around can be a burden.

Top 5 business laptops from HP in Singapore

Below you will find the lineup of our favourite business laptops. They share common characteristics; however, each has unique performances that make it a better choice for a given group of professionals. 

Look into the details below and find which makes the best business laptop for you personally. 

HP EliteBook 640 14” G9 Notebook PC Wolf Pro Security Edition

HP EliteBook 640 14” G9 Notebook PC Wolf Pro Security Edition
The HP EliteBook 1040 is built for business needs, outfitted with Windows 10 Pro, an Intel Core™ i5 processor, and 256GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage. You’ll also enjoy Intel Iris graphics on a 14-inch WUXGA display.

It’s easy to tow this 2.5 lb laptop around as well, with its slim profile and light chassis. Setting up the EliteBook 1040 for a quick meeting is simple, and its 5MP camera with 2,560 x 1,920 resolution produces crisp images. HP Auto Frame will also keep you centred for your meetings.

HP Auto Lock and Awake ensures your data is protected when you leave your laptop, and HP Wolf Security adds another layer of protection. For an affordable, safe business laptop, the EliteBook 1040 is an excellent choice.

The HP Elite x360 1040 14” G9 2-in-1 Notebook PC Wolf Pro Security Edition

The HP Elite x360 1040 14” G9 2-in-1 Notebook PC Wolf Pro Security Edition
The HP Elite x360 1040 means business and we don’t say that lightly. With an Intel Core i7 processor, 512GB of SSD storage and the incredibly smooth Windows 11 Pro in its arsenal, this 2-in-1 notebook will help you flow throughout your workday. 

Don’t mistake its super-lightweight design and ease of mobility for weakness - this Wolf Pro Security Edition is tough as nails. With a 14-inch diagonal WUXGA touch display, an approximate weight of 1.35 kg and interlaced HP Sure Click Pro with HP Sure Sense Pro security programming for one to three years, your business is in great hands - aesthetically and functionally.

The smart HP Auto Lock and Awake mean you don’t have to worry if you need to jump up for an impromptu meeting or if you’re away from your laptop for a few minutes speaking with a colleague - the screen will lock saving battery and sensitive data from nosey neighbours. 

The cherry on top? The 5MB camera will have you looking your best and not blurring, glitching and disconnecting halfway through any important calls. 

The HP Elite Dragonfly 13.5” G3 Notebook PC Wolf Pro Security Edition

The HP Elite Dragonfly 13.5” G3 Notebook PC Wolf Pro Security Edition
For those who run a tight ship, you can’t look past the HP Elite Dragonfly G3. This piece of equipment will not let you down - with 12th Generation  Intel Core i7 Processor, Intel Iris® Xe Graphics, 16GB RAM and a 256GB SSD card, the Dragonfly is in a league of its own. 

It’s a wonder how our team got so many incredible specs into such a small, slender and beautiful piece of technology - this Notebook weighs in at just under a kilogram. The understated and classy design also has an inbuilt 5MP camera that comes with an appearance filter that can turn any environment into a business space. 

Hate dropping out of those calls with poor reception and looking unprofessional? The HP Elite Dragonfly has that covered too, with Wi-Fi 6E connectivity ensuring high-quality definition, greater speed, and even greater security. With an optimal 13.5-inch diagonal display and a 3:2 ratio, this Notebook is a pleasure to use - it’s no wonder it’s loved by business people the world around. 

The HP ZBook Studio 16” G9 Mobile Workstation PC - Data Science

The HP ZBook Studio 16” G9 Mobile Workstation PC - Data Science
The aptly named, HP ZBook Studio G9 Mobile Workstation has so many specs under the hood it can truly handle any piece of work you and your business throw at it. You’ll be hard pressed to make ZBook’s 2 x 16GB DDR5-4800 MHz RAM, 512GB PCIe® NVMe SSD and 12th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor break a sweat with any task. 

Above the hood, an NVIDIA RTX™ A1000 Laptop GPU delivers unmatched graphics, all displayed on a optimal 16-inch diagonal WQUXGA screen. The 6:10 aspect ratio makes this model a fantastic choice for designers. This display provides users with a vertical display that makes it easier to bring projects to life. 

It’s hardy too, and designed to be used on the go by business people making things happen. Anti-spill, anti-glare and fingertip sensor technology mean you can log in, log off, and set up your ZBook Workstation in any environment with the flick and touch of a security sensor. This powerful model is particularly loved by designers and professionals who travel frequently.

The HP ZBook Firefly 14” G9 Mobile Workstation PC

The HP ZBook Firefly 14” G9 Mobile Workstation PC
The HP ZBook Firefly 14-inch G9 Mobile Workstation PC slots seamlessly into just about any business and is engineered to function at high levels while on the go. With the ZBook Firefly’s battery reaching 50% charge in just half an hour, busy professionals on the move with lots on their plates get the most out of this Workstation. 

The work items of the day are made even easier of course, when you’ve got a 12th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and NVIDIA T550 Laptop GPU as specs. Work productively, and without fear, as both your business data and identity are under the protection of the HP Sure Start system. Combine this with a spill-resistant keyboard, and up to a 3-year warranty the ZBook Firefly is a must-have for the busy professional.  

The 14-inch diagonal WQUXGA screen is the icing on the cake, providing enough room for designers, programmers and other professionals who don’t want to have to squint to see what they’re working on without compromising mobility. The HP ZBook Firefly 14-inch G9 Mobile Workstation makes working on the move a pleasure for any business person. 

Bottom Line

When choosing a laptop, consider the nature of your job. There is a wide array of laptops from HP to choose from, but the best business laptop for you is the one that will offer you performance and support that fits your specific profession. 

Business laptops might be pricier than other laptops, but investing in one will spare you many headaches down the line. And when it comes to producing impressive results at the office - or wherever you work - HP’s business laptops can help.

About the Author: Harrison Hosking is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. When he's not gaming on his PC, Harrison loves to spend time gardening, writing and playing soccer.