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Computing Products

All HP computing products from the current or past portfolios are candidates for the HP Renew program. The products come from various sources, for example, from channel returns, cancelled orders & end of life excess.

Commercial Notebooks and Desktops

Increase your productivity with reliable, user-friendly and energy-efficient HP notebooks and desktops that have high performance levels, superior hardware design and software innovations that will meet your everyday business challenges, and handle the most taxing business applications.

Consumer Notebooks and Desktops

Whether you are a gamer, working mom, artist or a musician, there's an HP personal computer for you. Our wide range of Home Notebooks and PC's are equipped with faster processors, better graphics, more storage, letting you do more than you can imagine.


Handle the most demanding business applications with ease, speed and unmatched performance only with HP Workstations. Equipped with the next-generation technology, it lets you take on computer aided design/ engineering, digital content creation, architecture and so much more like never before.


Best colour, tone, response and uniformity; these are what you get with HP Displays. These high-image quality LCD flat panels come in 19" to 30", and have advanced user comfort features that will let you achieve ground-breaking image quality, perfect for challenging visualisation tasks.


HP offers end-to-end mobility solutions for the New Style of IT, helping you connect employees, devices, processes – the world. Choose devices from HP that enable mobile workforce — enhance operations, productivity, customer connections – and keep pace with change.

Thin Clients

Take your business to the next level with HP Thin Clients. Maximise your business performance as you make the most of cloud computing, secure your critical data, and ensure seamless business operations with the user-friendly features, and an infrastructure you can count on.

Retail Point of Sale

Sleek, stylish, and able to effortlessly integrate into current store and retail environment, the HP Cashier System can be customized for everything needed.


Enhance store image with the modern, space-saving HP Point of Sales systems, which are space saving and have all the capabilities of a traditional retail solution.


Make the most of your HP devices by complementing them with accessories that will increase their functionality, productivity and efficiency. From batteries to extra storage and drives, docking stations, to mice and cases, we have top recommendations for your device.