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HP Device Provisioning Services

Simplify with HP Device Provisioning Services, a comprehensive suite of services that help lower costs, improve the user experience, optimize productivity and enable faster deployments for modern IT environments.1

Solution Brief

Device provisioning for modern IT

Comprehensive modular services designed to help you with the challenges of planning for, moving to, and provisioning new devices from the cloud.


Experience instant productivity

Realize the time savings and productivity benefits of factory provisioning.


A better out-of-box experience

Reduce IT touchpoints and achieve an optimal user experience with pre-provisioned devices.


Ease the burden on your network

Avoid bandwidth constraints that can cause delays when large apps are downloaded from the cloud.


Let HP do the work

Enjoy a simpler, low-touch device deployment process that is fully optimized for a modern IT environment.

Simplify the experience

Modular services for modern IT – designed to optimize and simplify the employee experience.

HP Discover, Design, and Integrate Workshop

Work with HP technology experts to define your architecture requirements and the integration points necessary to achieve your future workplace goals.2

HP Provisioning Package Create Service

You can choose to have HP create provisioning packages on your behalf to contain the applications and settings you want installed at the factory.

HP Provisioning Package Install Service

Streamline and improve the out-of-box experience and reduce what needs to be provisioned at your user’s desk from the cloud with factory installation of your packages.

HP Sure Recover Custom Restore Service

Take advantage of the HP Sure Recover Gen3 feature to automatically restore the device to a custom configuration without IT involvement.3

HP OS Version Control Service

Enjoy the flexibility to choose a previous version of Windows 10 that has been tested and validated in your environment.

HP Provisioning Connect Service

Get employees up and running at home or in the office with new PCs provisioned and personalized from your cloud tenant before they ship from HP.

HP Provisioning Package Update Service

Let HP take care of the burden of keeping your offload packages updated over time due to Windows 10 and security updates, or software additions and changes.

Why HP Device Provisioning

Expertise you can trust 

HP can build and test your provisioning packages if you don’t have the resources or skills in house, and assist with post-deployment updates.

Lighten the network load

Decrease the load on your network and the effects of a slow connection that can impact the time it takes to download apps, settings, policies, and drivers from the cloud.

Reduce high-touch deployments

Increase user productivity by avoiding high-touch deployments that consume IT resources and keep them from focusing on other technology projects.

Optimize the experience 

Improve the out-of-box experience for users with devices provisioned at the factory to reduce deployment time, increase efficiency, and lessen the burden on IT.  

Get back to business fast 

Let HP do the heavy lifting for device provisioning so that users can get back to work on first boot up while any user-specific content downloads from the cloud.  

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