Poly Studio X70 All-In-One Video Bar (83Z51AA)

Poly Studio X70 All-In-One Video Bar (83Z51AA): All features
Smart camera tech Give everyone in hybrid meetings an equal seat at the virtual table using a choice of framing modes with Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology.
4K cameras No one looks their best with pixilated video. Enjoy richer, more life-like meeting experiences with 4K UltraHD video.
Noise blocking innovations Outside noise and side conversations can quickly derail a hybrid meeting. Keep background noise in check with Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies.
Beamforming microphone Make communicating effortless for everyone on the call, with a next-generation beamforming microphone array that clearly picks up all voices in a room.
Acoustic chamber Enjoy quality audio from Poly, with crisp, room-filling sound made possible by an innovative acoustic chamber design.
Easy management via Poly Lens Take control of your deployment from anywhere via remote management with Poly Lens cloud-based device management software.