Poly Studio X70 All-In-One Video Bar (83Z51AA)

Make your large meeting room video conferencing easier and more powerful. The Poly Studio X70 offers quality audio and video performance in an all-in-one video bar.

  • Weight: 3200 g
  • Minimum dimensions (W x D x H): 840.18 x 135.38 x 117.33 mm
  • What's in the box: Poly Studio X70; AC power adapter; 2 HDMI cable; Ethernet cable; Wall mount kit
Poly Studio X70 All-In-One Video Bar (83Z51AA)

Crystal clear video

Ready for your close-up? This all-in-one video bar transitions seamlessly between wide and narrow-angle cameras, showing everyone in your large meeting spaces in sharp detail.

Production-quality performance

Keep your eye on the action with Poly DirectorAI intelligent camera framing and NoiseBlockAI technology — all powered by machine learning. Get advanced vocal pickup from our next gen microphones. Easily share content over wired or wireless connections.

Enable meeting equality

Smart camera tech

Give everyone in hybrid meetings an equal seat at the virtual table using a choice of framing modes with Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology.

4K cameras

No one looks their best with pixilated video. Enjoy richer, more life-like meeting experiences with 4K UltraHD video.

Noise blocking innovations

Outside noise and side conversations can quickly derail a hybrid meeting. Keep background noise in check with Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies.

Beamforming microphone

Make communicating effortless for everyone on the call, with a next-generation beamforming microphone array that clearly picks up all voices in a room.

Tech specs

  • Weight:

    3200 g

  • Minimum dimensions (W x D x H):

    840.18 x 135.38 x 117.33 mm