HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock (72C71AA)

Have everything you need to get the job done with this compact dock that keeps your desk clean. With a single USB-C® cable, connect all your accessories, up to three high-res displays, stable Ethernet connection, and so much more…all while charging your laptop.

HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock (72C71AA)
  • Kaal:

    0.68 kg

  • Miinimummõõtmed (L x S x K):

    122 x 122 x 45 mm

  • Karbi sisu:

    HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock; 120 W Power adapter; AC power cord; Quick Setup Poster; Warranty card

Seamless Productivity

Effortlessly go the extra mile with just a single USB-C® cable. * This essential dock seamlessly powers and supports 4 USB-A ports for all your accessories, up to 3 high-res displays, * and stable Ethernet connection—all while delivering 65W of power to your laptop.

More Ports, Less Constraints

This essential dock is designed to work with what you’re working with. * It’s compatible with most USB-C® or Thunderbolt™ enabled PCs, * and its various ports open the way to all your accessories.

Simple Setup. Essential Manageability.

Just plug in the dock and get down to business. It’s simple to stay up to date with essential manageability features * including connected firmware updates, * PXE boot, * LAN/WLAN switching, and more.

Expand What’s Possible

Connected Firmware Update

IT can manage dock firmware updates while connected to the host PC.

PXE Boot

Boot computers via a network interface, allowing IT to remotely set up an employee’s device.

LAN/WLAN Switching

Turn off WLAN antennae automatically when connected to the LAN cable. When unplugged from the LAN cable, your device will automatically switch from wired network connection to Wi-Fi.

In-band MAC Address Pass-Through

Access the laptop's in-band MAC Address even if it's connected through the dock's LAN using the MAC Address Pass-Through (MAPT) feature.