HP USB Keyboard and Mouse Healthcare Edition (1VD81AA)

HP USB Keyboard and Mouse Healthcare Edition (1VD81AA)

Meet your sanitization requirements

Help maintain a clean work area with a keyboard and mouse that can be wiped down with commonly-used germicidal agents. * The keyboard’s USB cable and cover are removable for additional cleanability.

Small size, big features

Enjoy a reduced-size keyboard that packs a familiar notebook-style layout and function keys into a small, space-saving design. The comfortably intuitive, low-profile scissor keys make data entry easy, and the mouse can be used in either hand.

USB connectivity

Attach the keyboard and mouse to any USB port on your PC with the included USB cables.

Tehnilised andmed

  • Kaal:

    270 g (keyboard); 100 g (mouse)

  • Miinimummõõtmed (L x S x K):

    112.5 x 28 x 342.5 mm (keyboard); 64.5 x 119 x 37.3 mm (mouse)