The HP Refresh Program

Helping communities crowdsource computer donations to schools.

1 in 3 students are
without a laptop

In this unprecedented time, students need laptops in order to stay connected at home and participate in remote learning.


HP is donating millions of dollars worth of technology to aid education, but together, we can do even more. 


Organize your community and gather unused computers, safely wipe the data using HP software, and donate them to students in need. 

Download the HP Software to safely
wipe data and reimage the PC

Installation Guide

Video Installation Tutorial



“The community embraced this call because they could act easily and right away”

Dave Reinhart, Assistant Superintendent, 

Kuna School District, Idaho

Students from the Kuna School District enjoying their computers

Community Playbook

Have all the resources right at your fingertips.



Answers your questions related to the

HP Refresh program.

Requirements and Recycling

Learn more about PC requirements and

recycling of computers.

Cleaning Guidelines

Learn how to clean your device before delivering

it to the students. 

CDC Guidelines

Make sure to limit face-to-face contact and follow social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC.


Tell us what you think

Share feedback and suggestions for improvements with HP.


HP Refresh Support Forum

A support forum made up of volunteer HP employees, who are there to share learnings and knowledge.


HP Refresh Facebook Group

Join the Facebook group to share your community program success stories and to exchange best practices with other communities and schools.



The HP Refresh Program is a social initiative aimed at assisting students gain access to used notebook or desktop personal computers (“Devices’) for e-learning purposes. While the HP Refresh website provides certain software resources and minimum hardware requirements that enable communities and families to update Devices, HP does not have any role in the selection or provision of Devices. HP does not undertake any liability whatsoever including, but not limited to, indemnification, implied or express warranties, risk of loss, or liability for damages of any kind for such devices as regards their performance, functionality, safety and/or security.


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