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HP JumpStart: A Complete Guide

HP JumpStart: A Complete Guide

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 6 minutes
If you’re a proud owner of a new HP laptop or desktop PC, chances are you’ve come across the HP JumpStart program. But what exactly is HP JumpStart? What can you use it for? How does it benefit your computer use?
HP JumpStart is a multistage preloaded welcome program that comes on a variety of HP products. It is designed to help users get off to a smooth start with their new hardware.
The JumpStart setup procedures are designed for both simplicity and ease of use, but you’ll find more than a few other ways it can help you configure your setup including add-ons that can improve your computing experience.
In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the HP JumpStart launch procedure and how you can handle any questions or uncertainty along the way.

What does HP JumpStart do?

HP JumpStart begins by guiding you through product registration. This guarantees a seamless experience with HP Support and provides access to routine updates and new information about products or services. JumpStart does not control your computer’s regular hardware and software updates, however, in case you were wondering.
JumpStart also allows you to customize more of your experience than a typical initialization routine. You’ll have the option to personalize your desktop, and you can activate free offers from Dropbox and McAfee. Plus, you can pre-install your favorite apps.
While JumpStart contains a few steps and a variety of options to consider, each page is quick and easy to navigate with clear instructions that break things down as simply as possible.

How to get started with HP JumpStart

To make sure you have an easy time finding the HP JumpStart application on your next startup, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Windows icon in the lower left-hand corner of your display
  2. Look for the HP JumpStart tile. This should be located in the far-right column of the startup menu. Click the tile and wait for the introductory screen to fade
  3. The first form you should see is your official HP Product Registration. Fill out your contact information and select your contact preferences
  4. Click the Register button
That’s it for your product registration. The rest of the HP JumpStart procedure centers on customization options and special offers, which we’ll break down below.

HP Dropbox offer activation

When it comes to sharing files and managing cloud storage, Dropbox is an increasingly popular and ubiquitous option. With your new HP computer, you can activate an optional 1-year subscription to Dropbox with 25GBs of storage free for the first year.
That’s a good place to start whether you have an existing need for cloud storage or simply want to experiment with the service. Dropbox is a great utility for collaboration and backup storage, offering a convenient alternative to external drives or maintaining all of your files locally. If you aren’t interested, just click the skip option to continue.

McAfee LiveSafe subscription

In addition to your optional 1-year Dropbox subscription, HP JumpStart offers free access to McAfee LiveSafe. This provides a suite of antivirus and antispyware features that you’ll find useful over the life of your device, although only the first year is free.
You may also have a preferred security service or an existing arrangement with a company. If so, like the Dropbox offer, you can skip ahead and not register your device with McAfee.

How to install HP JumpStart apps

Once you’ve completed product and service registration, the HP JumpStart interface will prompt you to choose from a slate of apps to pre-install. You’ll find a number of options that range from media services to social media apps.
Simply select the apps you want to add and click the Continue & Install button. This will start downloading the selected apps in the background, allowing you to continue on through the rest of the process.

Using the Concierge screen

The Concierge screen is the last major part of the HP JumpStart launch. From here you can check the status of the app downloads you selected, as well as make cosmetic and personal changes to your desktop and settings.
You can set up speaker and microphone controls, customize your desktop appearance, and consider additional support options. You’ll also see expanded app options and extra information about HP services and Microsoft Office 365.
Use this feature to move photos from your phone to your PC, set up notifications and adjust settings, and learn about keyboard shortcuts that will make your life easier. Once you complete the JumpStart procedure, simply exit back to your desktop.

Can I delete JumpStart Bridge?

You may come across software related to HP JumpStart later in the life of your device. At this stage, streamlining storage or cleaning out old applications can become a priority. It’s inevitable that you will find files or executables you may want to get rid of, but don’t quite recognize. It may be a long time since you set up your new computer.
If you’re trying to clear out space, you may have come to this article wondering, “What is HP JumpStart Bridge?” The Bridge application allows JumpStart to run and sustain a connection through registration and the rest of your setup process.
Fortunately, JumpStart software isn’t necessary to make use of any of the applications or information that you can find during the procedures. That means you won’t need to reuse the Bridge application and you can delete it if space becomes a concern.

Do I have to use JumpStart to use my new PC?

You can use your computer without completing the HP JumpStart process. You can bypass it and start using your computer whether you register your device with JumpStart or not. In this situation, JumpStart will prompt you to exit the procedure and return later. The same is true in the event that server issues are independently preventing JumpStart from connecting to HP®.
While we encourage you to come back and finish the JumpStart registration, simply because it will add to your computing experience, you don’t need JumpStart to get full use of your new HP computer.

Can you finish HP JumpStart offline?

Given the way that JumpStart works, it’s not possible to manage product registration or the necessary sign-up procedures for Dropbox and McAfee offline. Without a stable internet connection, these third-party services can’t complete their install or registration process.
You can still use your device for local functions with pre-installed software before completing JumpStart. Whether you’re on the road or using an unreliable connection, you can complete everything at your convenience.

Time to start using your PC

What you do with JumpStart is entirely at your discretion. Once you’ve registered your device, how you configure or use the other apps and offers is up to you. Load up and get a high-functioning experience right out of the box, or breeze through and build up your app collection as you go.

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