How HP+ makes the Smart app smarter​

How HP+ makes the Smart app smarter​

  • Professional-grade phone scanning

    Contracts, business-trip receipts, your daughter’s doodle—scan any number of pages at once. Advanced features put a professional-grade scanner in the palm of your hand that crops, flattens, smooths, and lets you edit documents.

  • Goodbye fax machine, hello mobile fax

    Nowadays you don’t need a fax machine to send a fax. With mobile faxing, you can easily send a secure fax right from your phone. A new lease, medical documents, contracts—whatever you need to fax you can now fax freely.

  • Time-saving shortcuts

    Scan, attach, send and file those nagging expense receipts with just one tap. Advanced shortcuts work with Google Drive, DropBox, and more to make it quick and easy to get your documents to the right place or person.

Advanced features included for 2 years with HP+6