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All-round protection,
all year round.

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IT applications and services enable companies to be more productive, yet technical hiccups can disrupt operations. For just a modest monthly fee, your organization can now enjoy comprehensive IT support, HP Smart Service places world-class engineers at your disposal to solve any IT complication, allowing your staff to focus on business issues.

All year round IT support

Smart Service provides comprehensive and ongoing expertise to help manage your IT systems, including PCs, servers and networking equipment.

Regular visits

By technicians to ensure IT equipment is well-protected.

Phone support

Talk to our IT technicians for professional advice.

Remote support

Quickly resolve IT issues and resume company operations.

Ad hoc onsite support

Technicians will visit to resolve complicated IT issues.

Truly professional services = Truly effective care

Whatever your company needs, HP Smart Service has a package to suit you.

Low usage
Medium usage
High usage
Number of PC users 1 – 10 11 – 20 21 - 40
Regular visits* 1 visit per quarter 1 visit per month 1 visit per moth
Phone support Unlimited
Remote support
Ad-hoc service* 12 coupons per year 20 coupons per year 30 coupons per year
Monthly fee ** HK$ 1,699 HK$ 3,099 HK$ 5,499

* Maximum of 1.5 hours per onsite visit
**Two-year contract is required

Contact SMB hotline at 8100 3082 for more information.

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