Embrace digital transformation with an innovative and experienced partner

Improve your operational efficiency

Digitize document intensive processes across your organization to help exceed your customers’ expectations, reduce paper-based inefficiencies, increase cost savings and productivity, and improve time to revenue.

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Cleaning guidance for HP Business PC & Print devices to help businesses address Coronavirus.

Cleaning guidance for HP Business PC & Print devices to help businesses address Coronavirus.


Digitize workflows

The need to embrace digital transformation has never been more important - manufacturers in today’s, information-driven climate require technologies to drive innovation, improve process efficiency and end user experience and protect intellectual property.

Cost savings & efficiencies

Help drive down operational costs, minimize security risks and improve access to content with fully automated, digitized workflows.

HP managed print services for manufacturing

Your printing environment presents an opportunity to improve workflows, optimize print infrastructure, and reduce operational costs.  We’ve helped clients save up to 30%1 and more on overall printing costs while ranking HP as an industry leader.

Intelligent capture and routing

With today’s evolving workplace, your MFP's and scanners offer a path to reduce your company's reliance on paper as well as maximize your investment in HP technology. Convert paper-based documents into digital files to streamline workflow—help reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance security.


HP information workflow solutions

HP integrated workflow and communications management solutions enable manufacturers of all sizes to take steps out of manual processes, deliver relevant communications that help strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers, and easily manage sensitive information.


Improve business processes through efficient automation

Improve your operational efficiency and employee productivity as you reduce the organizational resources and manual intervention consumed by repeatable processes.


Improve HR processes through digitization

Spend less time and fewer resources on administrative tasks, and more time on core, business-driving competencies while improving decision making and employee productivity. HR automation makes it easier to attract applicants, enable employee verification, secure Personal Information (PI) and improve employee experience.

Opportunities for continuous improvement

As you consider an investment in new technology with HP MPS, an HP Workflow Discovery Analysis consultation can help your organization uncover areas for improvement, support strategic initiatives, and drive innovation.


Compliance & security

Data security is more than just document security. Today’s threats require attention to data in-transit and endpoint devices on the network. Fortunately, HP offers devices with the world’s most secure embedded features and best-in-class enterprise security solutions that can help reduce the risk of a data breach.2

HP security solutions

Improve compliance and protect intellectual property (IP) and other sensitive information with data and document security solutions for your print fleet. HP software solutions help ensure only authenticated users and devices access your print network, reduce opportunities for data loss, and keep your data encrypted.

HP access control printing solutions

Transform printing practices for a more efficient and secure environment. HP Access Control (HP AC) Printing Solutions make it easy to enable mobile workers, monitor and control imaging and printing costs - and to collect and track data by device and user - to help establish more responsible behaviors, lower expenses, and eliminate unclaimed documents.


Protect, detect, and recover with hp enterprise printers

HP printers have the industry’s strongest security, with four key technologies that are always on guard, continually detecting and stopping threats while adapting to new ones. Only HP Enterprise printers automatically self-heal from attacks by triggering a reboot - IT doesn’t need to intervene.2

Get expert security help

HP Print Security Services - combined with innovative device, data, and document security - can help you protect your fleet, address compliance requirements, and proactively identify gaps in your defenses. Our Credentialed Security Experts and trained print specialists have the experience and knowledge to help you assess, develop, implement and manage print security.

Access & mobility

Access, capture and print documents efficiently and securely from wherever business happens. HP’s solutions help you simplify tasks and print on the go.

HP mobile print solution

HP provides a full range of devices, accessories, software and services to grow and transform your company’s mobile capabilities. It’s a portfolio that has been developed from the ground up for business customers who prioritize security, want to more effectively equip their mobile employees, and value ease of management.

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HP DesignJet large-format printers with easy mobile printing

Ideal for individual or multiuser environments, delivering high-quality applications, from black and white CAD drawings to color presentations, while tools like automatic media-roll alignment and accurate print previews help streamline workflows and ensure efficiency.

Manufacturing innovation & specialty printing

Embrace Industry 4.0 with HP’s innovative products and solutions for manufacturing.

3D printing technology for a new era of manufacturing

Make it in house, make it fast. Produce multiple prototypes in a day with HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing.


Sprout Pro by HP

Transform your manufacturing, design, training and customer service environments with the latest immersive technology.

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HP commercial print & packaging solutions

Expand your business opportunities, protect your brand and engage your customers through personalized labels and packaging while reducing production time and costs with HP’s broad portfolio of packaging solutions.

HP Z VR backpack PC

Unlock the full potential of VR with the most powerful wearable VR PC ever created 4,5—ideal for product development, employee training, walk-through simulations, immersive customer experiences, and so much more.

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Industry-specific expertise

For more than 50 years, HP has been collaborating with leading manufacturing and distribution organizations, supplying the technical expertise and business savvy required to position these companies at the forefront of innovation.


Customer success

Learn how HP solutions for manufacturing and distribution have helped organizations reduce printing costs, improve productivity, transform document related processes, and achieve their environmental goals.

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Work with a leader

HP is the most-recommended managed print services provider. We’re rated #1 in customer satisfaction,3 and Industry analysts continue to rank HP as a leading provider of services and solutions.

Reinventing the future

HP Labs, one of the pre-eminent industrial research laboratories in the world, is passionate about making our research real – driving technology to commercialization in the areas most important to our customers and society.



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  2. HP’s most advanced embedded security features are available on HP Enterprise-class devices with FutureSmart firmware 4.5 or above and is based on HP review of 2016-2017 published embedded security features of competitive in-class printers. Only HP offers a combination of security features for integrity checking down to the BIOS with self-healing capabilities. For a list of compatible products, visit: For more information, visit:
  3. Data source ORC International, May 2017. Conducted 1172 interviews in AMS, EMEA, APJ across 12 dimensions of satisfaction.
  4. Based on backpack VR PCs as of July 20, 2017 and power based on processor, graphics and memory.
  5. VR Headset sold separately.