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White papers

Explore our current Healthcare white papers. Check back monthly as the list will continue to grow and be up-dated with the newest and most essential Healthcare topics.
Social Media in Healthcare: Why you need to take a proactive approach—now. (919 KB, PDF)
The ROI of RTI—improving patient flow for a healthier bottom line (2.72 MB, PDF)
Healthy, wealthy, and wise. Better care, for more people, at less cost. (2.90 MB, PDF)
New healthcare regulations effect patients' privacy and security. Are you prepared? (425 KB, PDF)
Putting telemedicine into practice — Improving health through remote services (569 KB, PDF)
Move from resistance to acceptance – Successful EHR change management (368 KB, PDF)
Four EHR Change Management Mistakes (420 KB, PDF)

Technology tips & Articles

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Discover the tablet that helps deliver the very best in patient care (1.83 MB, PDF)›
Making rounds just got easier—learn how (1.90 MB, PDF)›
Dr. Kim reveals the top healthcare technology trends for 2013 ›
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I want to share patient data easily – are HIE's the answer? ›
Five medical practice tasks simplified – Tablet PC ›
Confused by the number of acronyms and abbreviations? View some EHR favorites ›
Certification of EHR technology – what does it all mean? ›
One thing that should never leave your office ›
Vendor Certifications – why is it important? ›
Bridging the EHR Funding Gap ›
Scanning your way towards a paperless office ›
Cutting down on IT downtime ›
Benefits of a Tablet PC at point of care ›
EHR: Five reasons not to wait ›
The people perspective of EHR ›
Powerful Security Features, Built into Your PC ›
EHR Part 2—the benefits may surprise you ›
A New Lease on Life (and Technology)›
EHR Series, Part 1 – the Essential Foundation for Successful EHR implementation ›
Easy virtual collaboration tool for physicians ›
Is your waiting room more of a "bored" room? ›

HP Healthcare Printing Solutions

Download the brochures below to learn more about HP Healthcare Printing Solutions for hospital admissions, pharmacies and nurses stations.
For Admissions (1.07 MB, PDF) ›
For Pharmacies (177 KB, PDF) ›
For Nurses (256 KB, PDF) ›