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Demanding schedule? The best of our best are built to keep up

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Demanding schedule? The best of our best are built to keep up

Demanding schedule? The best of our best are built to keep up

As healthcare environments can be unpredictable and varied, the technology used in such settings should be designed to help you get through your work day. Robust, durable solutions should provide immediate access to the information, applications, and imaging you need—whenever and wherever you might need it. And should something go wrong, you want complete assurance that service and support options are always at hand.
The Elite PC series features Hp's highest quality, most reliable notebooks, desktops, and tablets, which are ideally suited for the rigorous demands of any healthcare environment. There are several key factors that make the HP Elite series stand out among healthcare technology solutions—thereby protecting your investment, reducing IT costs, and enabling more time with your patients:
1)  Quality & Reliability: HP EliteBooks are engineered to pass tough military standards testing for vibration, dust, temperature, and altitude.1 Each Elite PC is subject to 115,000 hours of extreme, punishing testing before it ever reaches your hands.2 HP EliteBooks are dropped 26 times on every side, corner and edge to test durability and undergo 1000 miles of simulated ground transportation vibration testing. Spill-resistant keyboards drain away minor amounts of liquid, and HP DuraKeys are 50 times more resistant to wear than standard keyboards.3 Whether you're a small family practice or a hospital, we assume you're tough on your hardware; HP builds our Elite notebooks and desktops with that in mind.
2)  Maximum uptime: With Elite mobile products, you have multiple battery options so that you don't have to worry about charging your device as you move from one exam room to the next throughout the day. HP continues to drive innovation in notebook batteries, extending battery charges so that you and your staff can make it through long shifts without worrying about running out of power. A properly configured HP EliteBook 8470p with 9-cell (100 WHr) and optional HP BB09 Ultra Extended Life Notebook Battery can get up to 36 hours 4,5
Advanced power management features and settings boost uptime for Elite PCs and notebooks. Optional solid state drives for the Elite series, while helping to optimize battery life, also allow for quicker boot-up, application launch, and run times so that your PC or notebook is always ready to perform. All of this means you can maximize the time you spend talking with and caring for patients, accessing the clinical information you need urgently and from multiple locations, and launching multiple electronic health records (EHRs) on demand.
3)  Service & Support: HP Elite customers have exclusive access to a dedicated team of Elite-accredited support professionals, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The U.S.-based team has advanced technical skills and experience to quickly resolve issues and provide answers to your questions, so that any downtime is minimized and patient care always remains the top priority. Simply call the Elite Direct Connect toll-free number—no phone trees, no long hold times. You can even schedule a call and we'll match our schedule with yours. Plus, if you have a specific agent you prefer to work with, you can request them when you call. It's all part of our Elite concierge support that we provide at no additional cost.
HP's Elite series meets all the demands of the constant and sometimes punishing use in fast-paced healthcare environments. The powerful and reliable performance of HP Elite PCs means you can deliver exceptional and personalized care, access EHRs when and where you need them, and communicate more effectively with patients and family members with on-screen information that's always available.

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