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Five medical practice tasks simplified

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Five medical practice tasks simplified

From desk to diagnosis using the Tablet PC

1.  Sharing information with your healthcare team
Managing your patient records and entering information to share with your healthcare team should be simple. A large screen eliminates the necessity to scroll down to view forms, and the touch screen allows you to easily edit and update medical records. A tablet pen* ensures precise data entry, allowing you to write notes, make sketches or sign orders.
2.  Interacting with your patient during a consultation
Delivering information to your patient, through images handwritten notes and diagrams, makes potentially complicated diagnoses much simpler for your patient to comprehend. Easily communicate treatment plans or show diagrams of injuries to your patients through interactive tools. Relevant articles and other documents can be photographed using HP PageLift technology to enhance and orient the pages for easy reading.
3.  Establishing efficient workflow practices
Practicing medicine is your main focus. Time spent on the IT part of your workday should be simple and quick. Your ElitePad can be turned into a fully featured desktop PC using a docking station and keyboard*, allowing you all the functionality you need in your office. Once on the go, the lightweight tablet, with up to 10.25 hours of battery life* makes the transition from office to examination room easy.
4.  Ensuring the security of your data
Making sure your patient information is properly encrypted is key for HIPAA compliance. Security is integrated into the tablet to help in all areas of protection from remotely wiping data clean if the tablet is lost or stolen, to defending against computer viruses and making sure patient and medical data is securely encrypted.
5.  Assisting with IT mobility
Reducing the amount of equipment needed to complete essential tasks is helpful. The Elitepad tablet PC is lightweight and easy to carry. It is powerful and efficient, allowing easy remote data entry, from updating records to entering on-the-go electronic prescriptions*. The built-in voice capabilities make it simple to record patient information or observations while on the move. Patient and colleague collaboration, such as sharing results and viewing x-rays, need not be done from your office, it can take place anywhere.
Discover how general surgeon, Dr. George Miller, MD, M.S.H.A., F.A.C.S manages patient visits, and his EHR, in his office and at the local area hospital, using the HP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC (167 KB, PDF) ›