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Five medical practice tasks simplified

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Five medical practice tasks simplified

Five medical practice tasks simplified—from desk to diagnosis—using the Tablet PC

1.  Interacting with your patient during a consultation
A picture or sketch is worth a thousand words when communicating treatment plans or injury descriptions with your patient. Patients internalize and retain information better through interactive tools. Adding handwritten notes, sketches, and images is easy with the digital pen and handwriting capability.
2.  Entering handwritten notes into the Electronic Health Record
Using the Tablet PC in Tablet mode allows the use of a stylus to click on software choices and enter handwritten notes that are captured electronically and are easily accessible. Charting can be completed during patient visits while still maintaining a personal connection with the patient and eliminating the need to enter information into the EHR later. Medical instructions can be wirelessly* sent for printing and handed to the patient at the end of the appointment.
3.  Generating accurate Prescriptions for fast fulfillment
Electronically use your Tablet PC at point of care to review medication lists, select prescriptions, accurately prepare scripts that and perform medication reconciliation. All of these tasks can be sent wirelessly* to the front office for the patient at check out; or directly to the pharmacy for fast fulfillment.
4.  Sharing information at point of care
Share x-rays, other types of images, and results with your patients in the examination room. Multitouch gestures, finger taps and swipes across the screen allow easy and efficient navigation through applications and menus, to compare x-ray images and look up pertinent medical information. Images of procedures can be shared with and saved into their medical record.
5.  Facilitating efficient workflow practices from office to examination room
Your workday may begin in your office, answering emails and planning your day, but you shouldn't spend more time trying to figure out your computers than you do practicing medicine. Your Tablet PC is docked and working as a fully featured desktop PC. With a simple flip, the Tablet PC can be used in tablet mode, using the stylus to enter handwritten notes or click on software choices. Move from the office to the examination room with ease.
Discover how general surgeon, Dr. George Miller, MD, M.S.H.A., F.A.C.S manages patient visits, and his EHR, in his office and at the local area hospital, using the HP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC (167 KB, PDF) ›