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Avoid lost revenue from underutilized bed resources — take advantage of real-time patient flow

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Health center - White papers, Tech tips and Articles

Avoid lost revenue from underutilized bed resources - take advantage of real-time patient flow

Do you know how much you are losing in revenue from underutilized bed resources? Is your bed availability being managed simply and efficiently? Real-time patient flow is an essential element in the care process. It is a critical resource.
Problems that often arise:
1.  Revenue can be lost by lack of organization in the flow process
2.  Inefficient patient flow can compromise care
3.  Lack of real-time bed visibility can create delays
HP has combined with Central Logic to offer a solution to these issues, which provides:
1.  Help to avoid lost revenue due to underutilized bed resources
2.  A comprehensive solution to manage patient flow
3.  Immediate, efficient tracking of bed occupancy
HP Workstations: HP Z600 Workstations support the Central Logic Core web-based solution, coordinating transport, admittance and transfer, bed management, and patient placement and discharge.
HP large-screen monitors and digital signage: Share important hospital and patient information with authorized staff, including real-time update of patient flow and resource availability.
HP All-in-One PCs: HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite All-in-One PCs provide a floor-wide or enterprise-wide view of critical resources, providing better patient information at the point of management for faster, more responsive care.
HP Slate 2 Tablet PCs: Positioned in the patient room or allocated to a nurse, HP Slate 2 Tablet PCs let practitioners enter data as soon as they gather it, eliminating the need to make and transcribe notes for entry later.
If you attended the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference 2012 in Las Vegas, you may have had the opportunity to view the solution in action at the HP booth. "HIMSS continues to be an amazing venue to meet with hospital leadership from around the world. As a participating partner in HP's booth, we were continually able to demonstrate and describe how Central Logic patient flow products provide solutions to the most pressing hospital management questions" said Garrett Lyman, VP of marketing for Central Logic.
The excitement was tangible when considering the real improvement in ROI that is achievable. It is all about increasing revenue and reducing costs while providing the best care possible.
HP's relationship with Central Logic delivers a comprehensive, simple, more affordable solution that helps efficient management of the patient flow process from start to finish.
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