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HP has partnered with a select group of healthcare IT professionals, to provide you with a series of podcasts each featuring five relevant questions relating to IT in the healthcare environment.
Take five minutes to learn valuable tips concerning IT devices you work with every day.
Joseph Kim. MD Joseph Kim M.D. Physician, Executive, Digital Entrepreneur, Founder of,,, and

Clinical Workflow

Listen as Dr. Kim answers 5 questions surrounding clinical workflow in relation to information security, mobility, productivity, and more.
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Touch based computing at the point of care

Listen as Dr. Kim answers 5 hot topic questions surrounding touch based computing at point of care and learn how it can significantly benefit both patient and physician.
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Mobility in Healthcare

Dr. Kim discusses hot topic issues such as security, productivity and efficiency, and how they relate to the mobile devices healthcare professionals use on a daily basis.
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How 5 Minutes Can Help Keep Your Data Safe

Listen as Dr. Kim tackles the top 5 security concerns including HIPAA privacy and security rules regarding encryption, the use of cloud computing, how to protect patient data when a hospital computer gets lost or stolen, and more.
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Is the Future Telemedicine?

Dr. Kim answers the top trending questions regarding telemedicine. Listen and learn about the possibilities, obstacles, benefits, and impact of telemedicine
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5in5 recordings are sponsored by HP, however opinions on products and services expressed are those of the health-care professional being interviewed.