1. The Best HyperX Accessories for Your Gaming Rig

    The Best HyperX Accessories for Your Gaming Rig

    While it’s possible to game with a stock-standard keyboard and mouse combo, purpose-built PC gaming accessories improve the overall experience by enhancing ergonomics and facilitating faster response times. With the right peripherals, an avid gamer can comfortably indulge in a lengthy play session and gain a competitive edge over their foes.

    A wide range of accessories improve ergonomics and in-game skills, from headsets to mechanical keyboards and ultra-precise mice. In this post, we’re covering the key benefits and outlining the top HP gaming accessories from HyperX.

    The benefits of PC gaming accessories

    Pro gamers and casual players alike can benefit from quality PC gaming accessories.


    The first major advantage is comfort. Unlike run-of-the-mill

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  2. The 9 Best Laptop Bags for Comfort and Convenience

    The 9 Best Laptop Bags for Comfort and Convenience
    There’s much more to a laptop bag than getting from Point A to Point B. Students and professionals alike need a solution that offers protection on their bumpy bicycle commutes to class or the dash through the airport, but they’d also would like to show up with a bit of style.
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  3. What are the Most Popular Computer Monitor Cable Types?

    What are the Most Popular Computer Monitor Cable Types?

    Whether you’re setting up a new desktop PC for the first time or you want to upgrade to a second monitor, getting the best experience depends largely on the components you purchase. If you’re not familiar with the different computer monitor cables available, the choices may be confusing. Here’s what you need to know to make the best buying choice.

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  4. The Importance of Ink Cartridge Recycling

    The Importance of Ink Cartridge Recycling
    Have you ever thought about the types of trash that make up landfills? It can be discouraging to see recyclables end up there, especially obvious ones like paper cups, plastic bags, and aluminum cans.
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  5. How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized

    How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized

    Many of our storage devices and computer accessories use a USB connection to function. But what happens if your computer doesn’t recognize your USB? While a common problem, it’s usually easily fixed. Learn how to troubleshoot this issue in our step-by-step guide.

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  6. CPU Cores: How Many Do I Need?

    CPU cores
    Whether you want to run basic programs or you crave the most power from your new laptop or desktop PC, it’s helpful to know how many CPU cores you need before you start shopping.

    These components can directly determine the type of software you can run and how many programs your PC can handle at once. Planning ahead for your computing needs can save you time, frustration, and expense down the road. However, knowing exactly how many cores are necessary for your optimal functionality can be tricky.
    In this guide, we break down the number of CPU cores you may need for
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  7. Why Do I Need a Backlit Keyboard Laptop?

    Keyboard backlit
    You’re shopping for a new laptop. Only a few minutes have passed, and you’re already overwhelmed. So many specs! There are hard drives to consider. Processors to gauge. Displays to evaluate.

    And that’s not even the aesthetic stuff - remember, if you’re going to impress the shareholders at your next presentation (or that barista who works at the coffee shop), you’re going to need a laptop that looks professional.
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  8. Best HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Work and Play

    wireless keyboard
    Desktop PC users are all about power, efficiency, and practicality. Whether you’re an industry leading CEO or battling it out for the leaderboard champion title, your PC needs to keep up with your fast-paced workflow to make your visions a reality.

    While many focus on the visuals and performance of a computer, the external PC accessories and peripherals that complete your rig are often overlooked.
    No desktop computer is complete without a mouse and keyboard, and that’s just a fact. Modern technology has come a long way since wired keyboards and roller-ball mice, so it’s only fair to match the efficiency of your processor to the quality of your 
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  9. What is a Thunderbolt Port in PCs and Monitors?

    Thunderbolt port
    Remember the days of the box of miscellaneous computer cables? When you wanted to hook up a second monitor or a new pair of speakers, each accessory required a different cable that would eventually get lost in the office jumble.

    With the introduction of the Thunderbolt port in 2011, everything changed. This jack-of-all-trades technology packed a powerful punch with high-speed connections and a level of flexibility that was unparalleled at the time. The most recent iteration, Thunderbolt 3, has expanded on the original capabilities to create the ultimate peripheral cable/port pairing.
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  10. How to Use CDs and DVDs on a Computer with No Disk Drive

    When was the last time you needed to play a CD or DVD on your computer? While you may not have to do this as often as you once did, it’s also the only way to access certain games, albums, or movies. If the media isn’t available digitally, a disk is your best option. Alternatively, you may have backed up some of your files to a disk at some point and need to access them again.
    If your computer has an internal optical drive, then you have nothing to worry about – but what do you do if it doesn't have one? In this guide, we’ll give you the facts on how to play a DVD or CD on a desktop PC or laptop with no disk drive.

    What happened to disk drives?

    Nearly all modern PCs lack disk drives. This is especially true for laptops, which have to make the best use of their space to deliver a truly
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