1. How to Flash BIOS Settings on Windows PCs

    How to Flash BIOS Settings on Windows PCs
    Your computer’s BIOS is an integral part of making sure your PC starts and runs correctly. If you’ve been experiencing issues with starting up your computer, you may have read that you should flash the BIOS. What does it mean to do this? Is it safe?
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  2. PC Builder Guide from HP

    In an age where the possibilities feel more endless than ever, there is no one size fits all computer that accommodates the many needs of PC users. Fortunately, the way of the future is customization, giving PC users the ability to tailor-make their computer from the ground up.
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  3. What is HP SmartFriend, A Complete Overview

    What is HP SmartFriend
    Everyone needs some tech help from time to time. Whether your router has connection issues or a stubborn virus hijacked your PC, it’s comforting to know you have an expert-level tech team at your service. And that’s exactly what you get with HP SmartFriend.

    We provide solutions to computer frustrations, so you don’t have to take your device to a repair shop. In our HP SmartFriend review, we’ll explain how this service changes the game for tech support and what you can expect when you sign up.

    What is HP SmartFriend, and how does it work?

    HP SmartFriend is a subscription service with a monthly fee that covers your tech devices. The subscription provides 24/7 access to knowledgeable tech experts who can answer questions, troubleshoot common tech problems, and perform basic maintenance. The support is virtual, so you don’t need to make an appointment for someone to come into your home or disconnect
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  4. What Are My Business Equipment Financing Options?

    Business equipment financing options

    Unlike other types of loans, equipment financing exists for a single purpose: to finance your equipment. The equipment itself acts as the collateral. When you're done making payments, you will own the equipment free and clear. Until then, if you default on the loan, the lender can take back the equipment to help recoup their costs.

    There may also be additional terms, such as guaranteeing the loan with personal assets and equity. Some lenders may ask for a blanket lien that gives them a right to any of the business’s assets needed (including the new equipment) for loan satisfaction.

    Business equipment financing covers a range of business necessities, with one characteristic in common; what you’re buying is generally costly. This category of financing can cover manufacturing machinery, computers, software, farm equipment, and furnishings. When you get an equipment financing loan, you can use it only

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  5. A Complete Guide to Intel Processors

    a complete guide to intel processors

    Intel processors are the most popular CPUs for desktops and laptops in the world. They’re offered in a range of model families, with names like Core, Xeon, Pentium, and Celeron. They come in multiple generations like 9th, 10th, and 11th, also called Coffee Lake, Comet/Ice Lake, and Rocket/Tiger Lake.

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  6. How to Use CDs and DVDs on a Computer with No Disk Drive

    External hard disk

    If your computer has an internal optical drive, then you have nothing to worry about – but what do you do if it doesn't have one? In this guide, we’ll give you the facts on how to play a DVD or CD on a desktop PC or laptop with no disk drive.

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  7. 10 Best Free Photo Printing Software Programs

    Best Free Photo Printing Software Programs
    One of the odd realities of digital technology is that we carry around high-end, megapixel cameras, take hundreds of photos a week, and end up printing and displaying very few of them. It’s very convenient to capture many moments, but most of us don’t take the step to bring them out of the digital realm and into the real world. 
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  8. 10 Essential Computer Maintenance Tips

    Essential Computer Maintenance Tips
    Keeping on top of computer maintenance lengthens the life of your machine, both internally and externally. Let’s take a look at these 10 essential tips for the maintenance of computer hardware and software, so your PC will see many more years of powerful performance and sleek appeal.
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  9. Best External Hard Drives for Storage

    Best External Hard Drives for Storage

    An external hard drive is one of the most important computer investments you can make outside of, you know, actually buying a laptop or desktop computer. The main purpose of an external drive is to give your computer an extra place to store files to take some of the storage pressure off of your computer’s internal hard drive.

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  10. Top 25 Best HD Wallpapers for Laptops

    Top 25 Best HD Wallpapers for Laptops
    Variety may be the spice of life, but when it comes to desktop backgrounds (i.e. laptop wallpapers), some of them simply look out-of-focus on today’s high-res screens. That’s why you need good options for the best HD wallpapers for laptops.
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