1. The 7 Best HP 24-inch Monitors

    The 7 Best HP 24-inch Monitors

    Computer monitors typically range in size from 19 inches to 34 inches. And right in the sweet spot is the 24-inch monitor. It’s a great mid-range option for those who are tight on space or who simply want a more compact display for their streamlined setup. It also provides a compromise between the size of the image it displays and the amount of space it occupies. These monitors are versatile as well and can be optimized for school, work, gaming - just about anything.

    24-inch vs 27-inch monitor

    Although it may seem like there would be a huge difference between a 24 and a 27-inch monitor, the truth is that picture quality is often determined by resolution, and not by monitor size. Resolution is determined by pixel count, and a general rule of thumb is that the more pixels a monitor can display, the better the picture quality. That means that a quality 24-inch monitor can display a better picture

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  2. What Monitor Ports Types Do I Need?

    what monitor ports do i need

    Selecting the right monitor port type for your needs is essential, because most monitors don’t come with all five types of display ports. That’s why it’s important to know which monitor cable is relevant for which device, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each one of these video port types on a new monitor.

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  3. Dual Monitor Setup for Work

    Dual monitor setup for work

    If you don’t want to connect two monitors but need more screen-power at work, an ultrawide monitor is another option. These elongated monitors deliver widescreen (16:9) and ultra widescreen (21:9) aspect ratios so you can have more screen real estate in one display. However, the ultrawide monitor isn’t without its flaws. Because it is still only a single monitor, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to open multiple programs in their full-screen mode, one of the major draws of a dual monitor setup. Plus, because of the wide viewing angle, information at the edges of the screen can be a strain for the eyes to see and colors can become distorted.

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  4. 3 Best HP Monitors with Webcams

    3 Best HP Monitors with Webcams
    With remote video conferencing on the rise, it is more important than ever to have an HP monitor with a webcam so you can interact face-to-face with clients and customers. While you can always purchase an external webcam and attach it to your display, it’s a lot more convenient, not to mention safer, to consider a monitor with a built-in webcam.
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