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HP Care Pack services for HP Products

Service Summary
HP Care Pack services provide an enhanced level support and / or an extension of the duration of the HP Limited Warranty for your HP equipment depending on the product (repair time, on-site support, exchange, collection and return by a carrier, installation by an HP technician).
You can find our available HP Care Pack services including a detailed service description and applicable terms and conditions in the HP Care Pack Central web.

If you purchase a HP Care Pack from this HP Store, by default HP will deliver the services in HP’s local delivery locations only (click here for details), unless otherwise stated on the product page (e.g. Support w/Travel). For further information on HP Care Pack support coverage for hardware products in a different geographic location, please check the HP Care Pack Support Terms and the HP Care Pack product page for your specific Care Pack at HP Care Pack Central web.

You will receive your HP Care Pack registration request via email to your registered email address:

  • If you purchase your HP Care Pack on the same order with the hardware, HP will automatically register your HP Care Pack but you should check all details are correct.
  • If you purchase your HP Care Pack separately it is important that you register as soon as possible (you will need your serial number for the associated hardware to do this) as this action notifies HP that the support agreement is active and provides HP with important information about your HP hardware product.

Please note, HP is not obliged to provide HP Care Pack services if you do not register your HP product.

Additional cover
HP Care Pack benefits apply in addition to the HP Limited Warranty provided with HP-branded products. Please refer to the HP Limited Warranty Statement provided with your product for extensive description of your manufacturer warranty entitlements, scope, duration and limitations.

The HP Limited Warranty and HP Care Pack support services also apply in addition to and not in substitution for consumer’s statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods or services, the benefit of which are subject to specific conditions. For further information, please consult the following link Consumer Legal Guarantee.

Extended warranties are also available from high street retailers, insurance companies and other providers and some home insurance policies offer cover for theft, fire and accidental damage.

Cancellations & refunds
If you purchase an HP Care Pack from this HP Store as a Consumer Customer (i.e. an individual purchasing primarily for non-business use):

  • You have the right to change your mind and cancel your purchase at any time, without giving any reason, within 14 days (or 45 days for multi-year HP Care Packs) after purchase. See "Consumer right to withdraw / cancel" for details.
  • After 45 days you may cancel multi-year HP Care Packs by notice in writing to HP via ukstore.postsales@hp.com and receive a pro rata refund of the price you paid based on the number of full unexpired months of service remaining, regardless of whether a support request has been made.

Business Customers have no right to cancel without cause.

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HP SmartFriend Services

HP SmartFriend Services

Q: What are HP SmartFriend Services?

A: HP SmartFriend Services provide technical support for computer software, hardware, peripherals and networking issues over the phone for a single designated HP consumer notebook or desktop computer. For a full list of primary and secondary devices supported and software / operating system requirements, see below under “Is my device / software eligible for HP SmartFriend Services?”. Your HP SmartFriend provides ‘judgment-free,’ no hassles support. No more trying to decide which software or hardware vendor to contact for support, or wasting hours spinning your wheels trying to search out answers. With over 75 years of making technology and solving problems for people, you can trust HP SmartFriend to solve your tech problems. HP SmartFriend Services technicians can even access your computer remotely to diagnose and resolve issues.

Q: I am having problems with a new computer that I recently purchased. Will HP SmartFriend Services handle warranty problems?

A: Your HP SmartFriend is available to answer any question you may have and can help direct you to the right contact as necessary for in-warranty services or issues. It is likely to your benefit to first attempt to use any warranty service offered by your hardware or software manufacturer, as these services are typically offered free of charge for some period of time and you could void your warranty by not following its terms. For after- warranty service or non-warranty issues, HP SmartFriend Services can provide a simple, cost-effective, and trusted single-source solution for your computer troubles.

Q: What is online PC support?

A: Online computer and tech support, also known as "remote support," allows us to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix many typical problems with computers and networks, as well as other supported personal electronics and even mobile devices. This is done securely over the Internet using remote control with the latest security technology.

This type of support works through desktop sharing technology. What this means is that when you log into our secure online help desk, you can allow a certified technology expert to view and interact with your computer remotely via the Internet - fixing problems and setting up new technology fast. In fact, it's like watching your computer fix itself.

Q: What are the benefits of using HP SmartFriend Services?

A:  SmartFriend Services can help you avoid wasteful and frustrating computer downtime. When trouble arises, you have one place to call where technicians can troubleshoot typical hardware and software problems and, if necessary, even access your computer remotely to expedite diagnosing and resolving issues. Specifically, HP SmartFriend Services helps with the following:

  • Software problems and error messagesInstallation, setup, troubleshooting, and performance optimization
  • Learning how to protect and back up photos and documents
  • Removing viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Managing smartphone, tablet, or other device from your computer
  • Providing protection from online threats or social media exposure
  • Troubleshooting wireless printer and network connections
  • Providing general how-to’s, tips, and tricks

Q:  How often can I call HP SmartFriend Services for service?

A:  While your plans are active you can call as often as you need to under the defined scope of support. "Unlimited" support is defined as follows: support for a single computer and specific issues defined in the service description. If excessive use or abuse is detected, customer will be notified and access to service may be restricted or terminated. Use of the service for illegal or inappropriate activities may also result in termination. Please see the HP SmartFriend - Terms of Service for more information.

Q: What are the HP SmartFriend Services hours of operation?

A:  HP SmartFriend Services call center agents are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for technical assistance.

Q: Is the HP SmartFriend service easy to use?

A: By allowing a remote technician to access your computer through the Internet, we are able to perform work on your computer directly. You can simply sit back and watch. Or, you can work on something else while the technician is fixing your computer. Remote computer support is simple, convenient and, best of all, it's hands- free.

Q: What language(s) is support provided in?

: English only.

Q:  How long does an average support session last?

A: Online support sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to much longer, depending on the type of help you need. In some cases, a computer may need a comprehensive tune-up, such as dealing with a severe case of spyware which may take well over an hour. In other situations, you may need assistance in setting up parental controls or privacy settings for your social networking sites. These sessions may be as short as 30 minutes. For simple problems, like locating a lost file or fixing an email problem, you can get help in 15 minutes.

Q: Can you get back into my computer after my session is over?

A: No, not until you log in again and request service. When you log into HP SmartFriend Services' secure online help desk you are prompted to download a temporary desktop sharing application and supporting tools that allows us to view and interact with your computer. However, once your service is complete and you log off, the temporary application and accompanying tools are automatically deleted from your computer. We can no longer see or access your computer. Once the session is over, HP cannot access your computer again until you log in and request service.

Q:  Is remote access secure?

A: We use a 128-bit encrypted connection between your computer and the technician's computer. In this way, you have established a unique one-to-one session that prevents others from viewing or accessing the session. In addition, you are in control - only you can initiate a remote support session or end the session by simply closing the support window on your desktop, and you are always in control of your mouse (cursor). During your remote session you will see the technician using your cursor to locate and fix problems, but at any time you can override mouse control by simply moving your mouse.

Q: Are HP SmartFriend Services just for problems, or can the service help me with installing new software or networks?

A: HP SmartFriend Services can help with technology problems including help with installing new software or with network configuration.

Q:  I do not know much about computers. What will I be expected to know to use HP SmartFriend Services?

A: Our technicians are trained and available to assist users with all levels of computer knowledge. Just tell us what your problem is in your own words and leave the troubleshooting to us!

Q: What if I change my mind, can I cancel my HP SmartFriend Plan?

A: Cancellation with a full refund of fee is allowed within the first 30 days of purchasing the HP SmartFriend Services. After the initial 30 days, you cannot cancel for convenience during the rest of the current plan period.

Please note that cancellation rights do not limit your statutory rights to withdraw from distant and off- premises contracts. Please check the HP SmartFriend - Terms of Service for more information.

Q: Where are HP SmartFriend Services available?

A:  The HP SmartFriend Services will only be provided to customers who are 18 years old and over. The HP SmartFriend Services purchased on this website, the UK HP Store, will only be provided in the United Kingdom.

Q: Is my device / software eligible for HP SmartFriend Services?

A: The below hardware and software qualify for SmartFriend Service. 
The following operating systems and devices will be supported:
  • Primary device:
    • HP consumer notebooks and desktops under the following models: HP Chromebook, HP Essential Home, HP Pavilion, Victus, OMEN, HP Spectre or HP Envy” Primary device must be registered with the following O/S (only 1 primary):

  • Microsoft® Windows-based operating systems (version 8.1 or greater, includes notebooks, desktops and tablets) or
  • MacOS (version 10.14 or greater, includes both notebooks and desktops) or
  • Chrome O/S, or
  • Android O/S (version 8.1 or greater), or
  • Apple iOS (version 12.5.3 and greater)

  • Secondary peripheral O/S or device support, interacting with Primary device:
    • Consumer printers
    • Consumer accessories (ex. mice, keyboards, head sets)
    • Consumer Routers – wireline and wireless
    • Android (version 8.1 or greater)
    • Apple iOS (version 12.5.3 and greater)
  • Software support:
    • HP SmartFriend Services are provided based on the assumption that the Customer meets certain requirements (such as PC hardware and O/S requirements) as listed above. Any Software that is being supported by the HP SmartFriend Services should be validly licensed and the current version of such software properly installed on the device.

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