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About HP Easy Ink

  • How does HP Easy Ink work?
  • Benefits of HP Easy Ink
  • Program availability
  • Do I get discounts?
  • HP Easy Ink membership page
  • Registration & Enrollment


  • Criteria to enroll
  • How to enroll?
  • Who can enroll?
  • Enrollment Fees
  • Printer eligibility
  • My printer is not eligible
  • I own an HP printer. How to enroll?
  • Register printer from resellers
  • How to unenroll?

Printer Detection

  • Computer and printer on same network
  • Computer and tablet connection
  • HP PDT on Mac
  • HP PDT on mobile phone
  • HP PDT failed to start
  • Auto-uninstall option
  • HP PDT
  • Computer Restart
  • Printer not found on network
  • HP PDT Network connectivity

Printer Registration

  • Adding another printer
  • Unregister one printer
  • I returned my printer
  • I no longer own the printer

Printer Activation (Web Services)

  • Enable Web Services
  • My printer is behind a firewall
  • Connect printer to internet
  • Printer and mobile on the same network
  • Why do I need internet


  • Can I choose my notification?
  • Opt-out from notification
  • Change my email/mobile no.
  • Opt-in/out from notification
  • Notification modes
  • Receiving notification


  • How do I order?
  • Cancel my order
  • Is there free shipping?
  • Update billing/shipping info


  • Inquiries about Easy Ink
  • Help with registering my printer
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