6 Best HP Home Printers

Home offices have become increasingly important in the modern era. This is a big shift from the last decade as technology, from messaging and conferencing software to cloud-based project management tools, makes this increasingly feasible.

One important piece of hardware for the home office is a printer. In particular, an all-in-one printer can be vital to any remote worker's success, as it allows you to print, fax, scan, and copy any documents or images needed for the job. Also, when you work in a home office, you’ll function as your own IT department, so it helps to find a printer that you can easily set up and repair. With all of those factors in mind, here are our picks for the 6 best printers for home office use from HP.

1. HP OfficeJet 5255 All-In-One printer

The HP OfficeJet 5255 All-in-One printer is a user-friendly, great all-around printer that is one of the best printers for a home office. It can connect to any dual-band wireless network within minutes of setup, and it can seamlessly transfer scanned files to your desktop and laptop computer. You can also use this wireless connectivity to print photos directly from social media and the cloud, even on your mobile device. This is especially useful for remote workers who have a home office geared toward marketing, advertising, or public relations.

As an all-in-one device, the HP OfficeJet 5255 can print, scan, copy, and fax at a rate of up to 10 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white and 7 ppm in colour. It also has a fax speed of up to 12 ppm, which is in line with comparable all-in-one inkjet printers. However, this printer is also capable of automatic two-sided printing and automatic document feeding, which makes it a great choice if you produce high-quality documents at relatively low volumes.

Additional features:

  • 256MB DDR3L memory
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Bundled HP Printer Software and HP Photo Creations

2. HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw

If you need to produce high-quality colour prints with your all-in-one printer, look no further than the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw. This is an ideal printer for a home office for those who work in graphic design and other creative fields, for instance, if you run your own art or design business. This printer is capable of producing photo-quality designs on many kinds of paper, including brochures, glossy paper, letterhead, colour photos, labels, envelopes, and cardstock.

With this printer, you can even print out multiple jobs at once because it comes equipped with two separate paper trays that can print a maximum of 40,000 pages per month. It also works quickly at a rate of 22 ppm for both black and white and colour pages.

Although this is considered one of the best HP printers for home use, s a result of this massive amount of hardware, this printer weighs 41.2 lbs and needs a dedicated space in your home office to thrive. If your space has the capacity for this type of powerful hardware and you need to print at a high volume, then this is the right printer for you. It’s also our pick for the best HP laser printer for a home office.

Additional features:

  • 2.7-inch colour graphic screen
  • 250-sheet input tray and 100-sheet output bin
  • One-year limited hardware warranty

3. HP Tango X printer

Widely considered the first smart home office printer, the HP Tango X is the perfect device for those who work largely in the cloud. This printer is also very compact with a weight of just 7.5 lbs and dimensions of 15.31 x 9.69 x 3.58 inches. This smaller size makes it perfect for just about any space because it fits nearly anywhere. You can place it on your desk alongside your desktop PC or monitor, or you can embrace its indigo linen cover to fit it neatly into your small home office décor.

Because of its size, this is one of the best HP printers for home use that is primarily designed to work with mobile devices and tablets.

The HP Tango X also ups the ante by allowing you to print 5 x 7-inch (or smaller) photos from your smartphone without counting them against your per-page pricing tier. This is a great perk that can help you save a lot of money if you frequently print smaller-sized photos from your compatible device.

Additional features:

  • Edge light display
  • 256MB DDR3 memory
  • Bundled with HP Smart app

4. HP DeskJet 3755 All-In-One printer

The HP DeskJet 3755 All-in-One printer is compact, versatile, and wireless, and it’s one of the best mid-range home office printers. It uses ink extremely efficiently.

Another of the best HP home office printers comes with HP Scroll Scan technology, which helps it scan a variety of media easily and properly. You can even do it from your smartphone and tablet via the HP All-in-One printer remote mobile app, which can connect directly to your printer without a wireless network. This feature makes it especially compelling if you frequently access your home office remotely, making this HP DeskJet an essential tool for those who often work on-the-go or travel for business.

Additional features:

  • 7 segment and icon LCD display
  • Bundled with HP printer software
  • ENERGY STAR qualified

5. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-In-One printer

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 All-in-One printer is a more advanced version than its cousin, the HP OfficeJet 5255 (number 1 on our list). It differentiates itself in several ways. For one, while it has a higher base price point, it uses more affordable ink cartridges by way of a 50% discount on ink costs through our HP Instant Ink subscription service. This makes it one of the best home printers for use with cheap ink on our list.

Additionally, it has a 225-sheet paper tray, which is perfect for handling large print jobs. It can also scan documents directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, email, or other cloud-based services, which you can easily set up over any home office network. This makes it one of the best printers in use for the home office.

Like the HP OfficeJet 5255, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 also has automatic two-sided printing and automatic document feeding. However, its print speed of up to 20 ppm for black ink and up to 10 ppm for colour ink make it much more sustainable if you print a larger volume of documents or photos.

Additional features:

  • 256MB DDR3 SDRAM memory
  • 1.2 GHz processor speed
  • Up to 800 pages monthly page volume

6. HP ENVY Photo 7855 All-In-One printer

One of the best photo-centric all-in-one printers offered by HP, the HP ENVY Photo 7855 All-in-One printer is perfect for those who need to print both photos and documents in their home office.

With multiple connectivity options, including a USB 2.0 port for thumb drives and an SD card slot, this printer offers multiple ways to upload documents and print them or scan them to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It is also capable of connecting with other devices via HP wireless direct or Bluetooth. Plus, it’s super-stylish thanks to the matte black with a glossy-black highlight finish, making for a sleek addition to your home office.

If you need one of the best home printers that can handle documents and photos with ease and that has a variety of ports, then this is one of the best HP printers for you.

Additional features:

  • 256MB DDR3 memory
  • 2.65-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Automatic paper sensor

In summary

A quality printer is a key component of any home office. Fortunately, HP® has some of the best home printers for this purpose, from all-in-one devices to colour laser printers. Depending on your profession, any of these printers will be a great addition to your work space and will help to increase your productivity and efficiency when working from home.