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How to attract the best talent for your business and share your best (professional) self

How to Attract the Best Talent for Your Business and Share Your Best (Professional) Self

Reading time: 3 minutes

Wow! How'd you get your profile to look so good?

An engaging, polished profile not only tells a great story about you and your professional accomplishments, it also helps attract the best talent to your growing business too. But where do you start?
Not to worry. Here are some handy tips and advice on how you can share your best self, while also attracting more great talent to your company. It's a classic two birds, one stone scenario: Let the world know about your skills and accomplishments, and that your business is the place to be.
Building a top-tier online presence is easier than you think, and at the same time you can add top-notch talent scout to your list of skills.

LinkedIn leads the pack

Of the many sites that host professional profiles, LinkedIn sets the pace, with an estimated 500 million users and 10 million active job posts. In this online world, we often have just fractions of a second to make an impression, and that first impression is overwhelmingly visual.

Cover the basics

Go to LinkedIn and visit its library of articles. Learn how to rearrange your profile info, add examples of your work, or create a vanity URL for your profile. There's a section on profile and background photos, and lots of tips and widgets for promoting your public profile.
Add visual interest to your LinkedIn profile. Use images from projects you have completed, infographics that show your success, your product history or current product line, or add photos from speaking engagements or awards ceremonies.

Keep reinventing your profile

Just as your business keeps changing with the times, you can return to your profile with fresh ideas all the time, so it's always top shelf. You're adding skills, too—you're an influencer, a contributor, and now a talent scout.
While you're sharing your best, you can also attract more of the best by sharing open positions at your business, driving excitement about your products and services, and sharing content from others in your community.
  • Follow your company page on LinkedIn to stay informed of updates, webinars, partnerships, products, people of interest, and, of course, job postings to share. Don't have a company page? Maybe it is time to create one. Need an example to get you started? Take a look at HP's LinkedIn page.
  • Share open job postings with your own connections or with the public.
  • Follow influencers on LinkedIn that will help you connect with others in the same field. Share their articles and pow—you're an influencer, too.
  • Contribute content by posting articles from your external-facing sources, like entertaining and informative reporting on company milestones, local news, charitable events, industry conferences, or your favorite reads.
With just a few minutes a day, your profile can be rich, varied and full. You will be surprised how many new followers you'll collect along the way, opening your world to a wealth of new contacts and information.

It's all about driving excitement

Don't limit yourself to LinkedIn. Is there a product you really like, for which you can post a review? Add a review to your company's Facebook page. Share your culture by writing a review on Glassdoor. Include hashtags like #rocks on Twitter. Or, post product or news pictures on Instagram.
Whether it's improving your profile for professional visibility, demonstrating your digital chops with a refined, complete profile, showing pride in your business or brand, or attracting top talent to your company—it's all about driving a little more of that excitement that all of us look for in a business.
Repurposed with permission from an article by Clane Hayward, originally published on The Daily Inc., HP's employee news site.

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