HP Sure Click

Protect your PC from malware on malicious websites
or in hidden files

Software defense against known and unknown threats

HP Sure Click opens untrusted websites and downloaded files in their own isolated virtual containers, preventing malware to affect your PC.

Feature Availability

Preinstalled or available for web download on most
HP Pro and Elite PCs.

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • New Edge

  • ChromiumTM

  • OS Compatibility

    Windows 10

  • Protected File Types

    PDF, Microsoft Word


HP Sure Click creates a complete micro-virtual machine for each separate browser tab or supported document, tricking the malware into believing it is actually running in your PC.

Additionally, HP Sure Click’s micro-VMs are hardware-enforced by the CPU, making them more secure. HP Sure Click is even better protected on HP Z, Elite and Pro PCs: HP Sure Start provides a Hardware Root of Trust for HP Sure Click through its protection of the SMM (which supports virtualization), and the HP Sure Click application can be protected by HP Sure Run (to protect it from being disabled by malware).

Yes. There is a feature called “Live View” that shows you details about each protected micro-VM that you have open at any time. Live View can be accessed by clicking the HP Sure Click icon in the tray menu.

Files from untrusted websites, email attachments, etc. will be marked with a small blue shield to indicate that they are not trusted. Once you are comfortable that a file is trustworthy, you can select “Remove Protection” and open the file for editing in other applications. If it’s a PDF or Word document, simply open the file. Microsoft Word documents can be safely edited, saved or printed directly from within the micro-VM, giving you peace of mind regardless of whether you know the file to be trustworthy or not.

HP Sure Click protects users from browser-borne malware. However, there are sites that will try to convince users to give up information they shouldn’t, using social engineering instead of malware. It is important that users remain vigilant about information they share online.

Currently, HP Sure Click protects PDFs when opened for viewing in the browser tab, and Microsoft Word documents with full editing support in a micro-VM

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