Frequently Asked Questions

HP LaserJet Enterprise CP5525

  1. Q: When replacing print cartridges, do I need to unplug the printer?
    A: No, you don't have to unplug the printer.

  2. Q: What is "cyan"?
    A: "Cyan" can be simply interpreted as "blue".

  3. Q: What is "magenta"?
    A: "Magenta" can be simply interpreted as "pink".

  4. Q: I have multiple print quality issues.
    A: You need to solve the issues one by one. Repeat Step 2 under "Perform the following procedure to find a solution for your print quality issue" on the home page.

  5. Q: How do I know that the test pages are oriented correctly?
    A: The test pages should have on the leading edge of the printed side of the paper as it exits the printer.

  6. Q: Do I have to print PQ troubleshooting pages several times?
    A: Printing PQ troubleshooting pages is necessary for troubleshooting. PQ troubleshooting pages are used to check the results of the changes you make to your printer as a part of troubleshooting procedures. It helps you check if your print quality issues are resolved.

  7. Q: Can it be a problem to use non-HP supplies?
    A: Non-HP supplies can damage your printer. HP strongly recommends you to use HP supplies to avoid potential problems.

  8. Q: Even though I followed all instructions, I can't resolve my print quality issue.
    A: Your print quality issue may not be included within this Web site. For further information, Contact HP.