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Navigating through work and personal life

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Work/life navigation reflects new thinking and a new approach to what we have talked about as work/life balance in the past. We have affirmed our intent to help employees develop work/life skills and to provide tools, resources and a supportive environment.

Working with their managers, employees have access to resources and tools designed to assist them in making choices to manage work and personal life challenges. Below are examples of the work/life navigation tools and resources that HP provides to support its employees:

Work/life navigation tools and resources

  • tools and resources
    • e-tools for doing our work
    • dependent care referral
    • employee assistance program (EAP)
    • education assistance program
  • flexible, supportive environment to manage work and personal life demands
    • flexible time options (FTO)
    • flexible work arrangements
    • telecommuting
    • job-sharing

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