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Accessibility tips for HP.com

HP.com employs various techniques to reinforce messages conveyed on the site. When these technical presentation methods are used, we endeavor to create content that is accessible for everyone. The following links provide technical information about some of these techniques, and give ways that some systems may be set up to improve usability for people with disabilities.

Right double angle bracket character
Use of JavaScript on HP.com
How to enable JavaScript in your browser
Use of Flash on HP.com
What to do if your screen reader says "horsepower" instead of
"h p"
How to enlarge text in your browser

Web accessibility

HP�s goal for the Web Accessibility Program is to provide the most accessible Web content on HP.com. We are committed to connecting people to the power of technology, including people with disabilities or age-related limitations. Our mission is to provide a good Web experience for all users. Experienced users of assistive technology will find tips regarding navigation of HP.com while new users will learn about the fundamentals of assistive technology. There is also information for public sector users and web page developers.

Best practices make HP.com more accessible
HP's W3C affiliation and Web Accessibility regulations and guidelines
HP's NVA (Nonvisual Accessibility Web Application) Certification

How to use assistive technologies

Many web browsers have features that allow them to be used with assistive technologies designed for people with disabilities. Screen-readers allow visually impaired people to navigate the Web. Voice browsers give spoken Web access. Screen magnifiers, voice recognition programs, and many other assistive technologies can be used to enhance the user's experience on the HP.com Web site.

There are basic setup steps for screen readers, and there are specific key combinations for keyboard navigation that can enhance your web browsing experience. The W3C alternative Web browsing overview site contains a collection of helpful pointers to information about alternative browsing methods.

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Information for public sector users

Products and services accessibility information
More information for public sector users

Information for Web page developers

Accessibility legislation, regulations and standards
Color contrast tool (requires JavaScript and style sheets)
Download time calculator
Web Accessibility regulations and guidelines
More information for Web page developers

What Web designers should know about Web accessibility


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