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Q: What exactly is HP Proactive Support and why should I use it?

A: HP Proactive Support is a software program that checks your printing environment and informs you if there are new versions of software (Printer Drivers, Printer firmware etc.) for your HP commercial printers installed on your system and give you the choice of which to install. Simple alerts and support information will let you know when a printer needs attention and what to do. The software is also able to detect whether your printing system is vulnerable to certain known issues and is able to inform you about these proactively even if you have not yet experienced the issue.

Q How does it know what to update ?

On the first scheduled run (or when run manually) the HP Proactive Support software contacts our HP backend servers and requests and receives a catalogue of solutions relevant to the printers listed within HP Easy Printer Care (Windows) or HP Printer Utility (Mac OS) and the operating system you are using.

Q: Does HP Proactive Support  work with HP Web Jetadmin 10.0?

A: HP Proactive Support currently is only supported with HP Web Jetadmin 8.1 for Windows. We are planning to provide a new and enhanced version of HP Proactive Support for inclusion in a future update to HP Web jetadmin 10.

Q: Is there any functional difference between HP Proactive Support  under HP Web Jetadmin or HP Easy Priter Care?

A:  Yes, under HP Easy Printer Care you have the option for automatically fixing any issues HP proactive Support detects by simply clicking  to Accept a presented Fix . This will perform all associated steps for applying the fix automatically, including for example, downloading and installing new software or firmware.

As in most managed printing environments administrators want more control of their environment, HP Proactive Support does not provide automated fixes in this release but rather offers the appropriate information for the administrator to apply any fixes manually.

Q What do the fix now, dismiss and disable buttons do

Not available under HP Web Jetadmin 8.1 for Windows

  • Accept: Accepts the solution and runs an automated fix process. Once the process has run the alert will be removed from the alerts window
  • Decline: Does not apply the fix and deletes it from the list of available alerts
  • Close: Closes the alert message , but keeps the alerts in the list of available alerts , so it will re-appear at the next diagnostic run.

Q Can I re-enable alerts that I have previously deleted (declined)?

Alerts which have been declined will not show up again when HP Proactive Support is updated or next run

You are able to view and re-enable previously declined solutions by accessing the HP Proactive Support settings available via the tools menu and/or the “More Info” link at the bottom of the screen.

Click the "declined recommendations" button and click on the solution you would like re-enable. Re-enabling any solution and selecting ‘Save’ will trigger a new scan, that will in turn detect the re-enabled alerts.

Q:  How do I disable HP Proactive Support

A: Within HP Easy Printer Care (Windows) simply go into the "Alert Settings" screen for HP Proactive Support and select the "off" radio button. This will disable HP Proactive Support entirely

In the HP Printer Utility (Mac OS), HP Proactive Support can be disabled by accessing the preferences window and deselecting the "enable HP Proactive Support" checkbox.

In HP Web Jetadmin 8.1 for Windows simply disable all updates or uninstall the plug-in.

Q: HP Proactive Support vs. HP Software Update

A: As HP Proactive Support provides all of the functionality of  HP Update and more it will gradually replace the HP Update functionality.  HP Update will of course remain available for devices not supported through HP Easy Printer Care.

Q: What data is transmitted to HP

A: HP only collects the information required in order to be able to create the appropriate catalogue of solutions

  • Operating system name        
  • Country setting 
  • Language setting
  • List of printers configured under HP Easy Printer Care or HP Printer Utility

HP also tracks how many downloads of diagnostic updates were attempted, how many updates were successfully installed or how many failed. This data is tracked anonymously.
See the Privacy section for more details.

Q: Do I need an active Internet connection to run HP Proactive Support?

A: No, Active internet connections are only required when HP Proactive Support does it's scheduled updates and when new software or an issue is discovered to be able to download the latest software or read online documentation

Q Why isn't HP Proactive Support alerting me to an issue I am seeing?

A: In order not to provide too many alerts messages and to prevent the appearance of "Spam", HP Proactive support only alerts you to the most common issues we identify. 

Q: I've discovered software available on Hp.com which is newer than what I have installed. Why isn't HP Proactive Support notifying me that this is available?

A: Again, In order to prevent an overload of messages and to prevent the appearance of "spam" HP will only proactively notify you of software updates HP deems as "critical" or "recommended".

Q: I am not receiving alerts, is something wrong with my installation?

A: Usually no, this essentially means that your system is not suffering from any of the known issues we have provided alerts for.

Q: Will HP Proactive Support also support my older HP printing devices?

A: We will evaluate and add alerts for older devices as appropriate and as support for the devices become available via HP Easy Printer Care or the HP Printer Utility

Q: I have an issue with HP Easy Printer Care, where do I go for help?

A: Please visit the HP Easy Printer Care website

Q What about HP DeskJets or other HP products

A: We have no plans at this stage to provide support for consumer HP Printers or others at this stage.

Q How do uninstall my software

A: HP Easy Printer Care (Windows)

  1. Navigate to the HP Easy Printer Care program group via [Start], [Programs]
  2. Select uninstall, and follow the instructions on your screen to uninstall the printer software.

Uninstall the printer software (Mac OS)

  1. Insert the HP Start-Up Kit DVD into your DVD drive.
  2. Open the DVD icon on your desktop.
  3. Open the Mac OS X HP Designjet Installer icon.
  4. Select Uninstall, and follow the instructions on your screen to uninstall the printer software.

Q: What are the system requirements needed for running HP Proactive Support within Easy Printer Care (Windows)

A: You need to have administrative privileges on your PC in order to install HP Proactive Support

Compatible operating systems

System requirements (minimum)

Supported browser
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4
Microsoft® Windows® 2003 server
Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 Professional or Home
PC with 500MHz or greater processor
256MB of Ram
50MB of available disk space
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows only)
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