About HP Product Detection Tool (HP PDT)

Application - HP Product Detection Tool (HP PDT)

  • HP PDT is used only to enable HP Easy Ink program.
  • This application accesses/queries your network hosting printer(s) for detection. It identifies your newly bought as well as existing HP eligible printers.
  • The printer detection process only occurs when customer (you) initiates the detection by clicking on the ‘Agree & Start’ button.
  • A lightweight software (~12MB) will be downloaded, and customer (you) has to install as part of printer detection process, with an option to auto un-install.
    • If customer (you) opts in for auto un-installation, un-installation will automatically take place when printer registration is completed, or customer exits from the detection process.
    • If customer (you) don’t opt in for auto un-installation, HP PDT software will remain on your computer for future printer detection. A manual un-installation can also be performed.
  • HP PDT installation does not require computer restart. If your computer prompts for a restart, it is due to a previous pending Windows or other application update(s).
  • HP PDT has the capability to detect, notify and upgrade any newer version in case you are running an old version on your computer.

Your Computer

  • HP PDT offers a web-based experience to enable printer registration to HP Easy Ink program. It currently supports:
    • Operating Systems: Windows 7 or Windows 10
    • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge (HP PDT does not support mobile web experience)

Your Network

Your Printer

  • Must be powered on and in ready state (not “idle” or “offline”) for discovery. Press the Power button if the printer is in sleep mode.
  • Must be connected to the network through Wireless or Wired LAN connection (USB connection not supported).

Data Collection

  • Data is gathered from printer(s) to identify eligibility for the HP Easy Ink program.
  • Data elements captured to determine HP Easy Ink printer eligibility are:
    • Printer Model Name
    • Printer Part Number
    • Printer Serial Number

Data Storage

  • HP eligible printers identified during the detection process but not registered will not be stored in HP system after customer exits from the detection process.

For more information, please refer to FAQ.

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