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Top 10 Gaming Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Top 10 Gaming Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Gaming's popularity continues to grow as people from different walks of life enjoy playing games as both a hobby and a profession. Not only that, but there are so many different types of games to play now, too. From casual smartphone experiences to deeply immersive role-playing games to sweat-inducing battle royales, there are almost too many genres to name.

For those who want the best possible experience, particularly those who take gaming seriously, PC gaming is the gold standard. If you want to know how to improve your overall PC gaming experience, we've got a number of tips and tricks to get you there.

What to know about PC gaming

In many ways, PC gaming is the pinnacle of the gaming experience. Unlike consoles, where graphics are set to the specifications of the hardware, PC gaming offers more opportunities to fine-tune your experience; whether you're upgrading your hardware to enjoy higher framerates or downloading mods. The console experience is more static, you can't upgrade the graphics or modify the game in the majority of cases unless you buy the next-generation console.

This is why many people are attracted to PC gaming. While it's a bigger upfront expense, it's worth it for dedicated gamers. You also need to make sure you have the right accessories to go with your PC. Without a great gaming mouse, display, and more, you won't get to fully utilize the power of your gaming PC.

Top 10 gaming tips and tricks

There's a lot to know about PC gaming; how to start, what to focus on, when to think about going pro. We've got your back. From clearly defining the types of games you want to specialize in, to creating a community around the games you play, here are 10 tips and tricks from the pros for getting better at PC gaming.

1. Define your gaming goals

No one has the time to be a pro at every game. If you want to go pro, or just be one of the best, pick your specialty by sticking with a genre and a handful of games that you like to play. For example, if you're into fighting games, dive into the Street Fighter and Tekken series. Alternatively, if you're a big fan of first-person shooters, go for games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Overwatch.

By narrowing your scope, you can cultivate an appreciation for the genre and also develop your tactical skills and reflexes in particular games. Additionally, specializing allows you to connect with the community around those games to foster relationships that extend far beyond the game itself.

2. Level up with a new gaming PC

Once you decide on your preferred genre, it may be time to upgrade your gaming PC to a model that taps into the strength of that genre.

For example, if you want to specialize in first-person shooters or racing games, you need to make sure that your graphics card can handle a higher refresh rate with little or no lag time. After all, a split second can be the difference between a win or a loss.

If you want to play open-world or sandbox games, then you'll want to beef up your RAM to keep you exploring new vistas without glitching.


Fortunately, HP® has a number of great options, including the gaming-specific line of HP OMEN desktops like the highly-rated OMEN 25L & 30L Gaming Desktops desktop PCs.

3. Learn the roles and characters in your preferred games

Most competitive games have specific roles and characters to choose from. If you're drawn to Overwatch, for example, you'll learn that each team requires damage, support, and tank roles to succeed. Within those roles, you'll find characters who play completely differently. And the best part is, you're likely to find a character that meets your needs in terms of play-style and personality.

4. Connect socially with other gamers

One of the most rewarding parts of playing games online is teamwork and social connection. By coordinating with other players, you can make better plays in the heat of the moment. And if you get along with your squadmates for a few rounds in a row, you may even form new friendships.

HP OMEN Mindframe2 BLK Headset

To stay connected to your fellow gamers, you need a quality headset and microphone. We recommend the HP OMEN Mindframe2 BLK Headset for maximum comfort and immersion, and for its retractable microphone for those times when you're playing solo.

5. Upgrade your display

There's no reason to invest all the time and effort into fully immersive PC gaming if you can't see your game properly. Without a good display, your setup can't render all of the graphics and take advantage of your new hardware.

If you're on the market for a new display, consider upgrading to the HP OMEN X 27 240 Hz gaming monitor so you can play at your full potential. This gaming display offers a lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate to keep you on top of your game, as well as AMD Radeon FreeSync2™ HDR Technology to give you low latency and a smooth, crisp experience.

6. Buy a proper gaming mouse


As part of your quest to reach your full potential as a PC gamer, you need a few other tools to complete your kit. Beyond the display and PC itself, you need a proper gaming mouse. This provides you with more precision and control over your character as you make split-second decisions.

HP® has two great options for this: the OMEN by HP Reactor Mouse and the OMEN by HP Vector Mouse. Both can help improve your PC gaming skills, but if you really want to level up, go with the Photon. It offers more programmable buttons and sensitivity levels so you can fully customize your experience.

7. Follow your favourite streamers


Once you have your preferred genre narrowed down, it's time to connect with like-minded people and find your favourite personalities on Twitch and other streaming platforms. It's easy to pop into these platforms and find streamers of all kinds playing games in every genre, though the biggest names tend to stick to the more popular, current games.

One place to get started is HP's very own streaming group, the HP OMEN Squad. The Squad specializes in various game genres and is home to plenty of engaging personalities. You'll find them playing Overwatch, the latest battle royales, and much more.

8. Take care of your body and mind

It'll be challenging to meet your PC gaming goals if you throw out your back or get tendonitis in your elbows. To combat this, it's important that you're conscious of your body position when gaming. Consider everything from your posture to the length of play sessions.

To avoid causing damage to yourself from long gaming sessions, it's wise to invest in a quality gaming chair. Make sure that it has lumbar support, hard armrests for taking breaks, and a recline function. This will help you to relax and rest your body. And be sure to take adequate breaks in between rounds of gameplay.

9. Cool your PC properly

If you don't properly cool your PC, the hot air within the system can cause the components to overheat, which will shorten their lifespan. If you don't want to have to buy a new gaming PC anytime soon, then it's important to keep the tower away from heating vents or sunny windows in your home or apartment.

You'll also want to clean out dust and debris from your system's fan regularly and make sure the tower case is properly enclosed at all times. Taking these steps will save you a lot of headaches and cash down the line, so it's best to take these steps now to ensure that your gaming PC is properly cooled.

10. Set up your space and take breaks


It's ideal to have a dedicated gaming space in your home or apartment, although this depends on your living situation. Doing so will allow you to associate that space with gaming, so you can live your life outside of it and regularly take breaks.

Your gaming space should include a gaming chair, a dedicated desk for your PC, and anything else you may want to show off your personality. Do you have decorations and paraphernalia related to your favourite games? Install shelves above your gaming rig to show them off and make it truly feel like a gamer's paradise.


Getting good at PC gaming is a process, and becoming a top-tier PC gamer takes time and dedication. Beyond the upfront financial investment in a new gaming PC, display, mouse, and headset, you also need to dedicate the time to immerse yourself in your chosen genre. Following these gaming tips and tricks should help you to start your journey on the road to mastering PC gaming and, most importantly, having fun!

About the Author: Daniel Horowitz is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Daniel is a New York-based author and has written for publications such as USA Today, Digital Trends, Unwinnable Magazine, and many other media outlets.


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