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hp Desktop pc

Do I Need A New Desktop PC? Top 10 Signs That It's Time For An Upgrade

Like with every piece of technology, there is a certain point where a device begins to underperform. You can visibly notice when a computer is beginning to age, prompting questions like “how long does a computer last?” and “how much will repairs cost?”

Since making the financial plunge into a new PC isn’t appealing to everyone, it makes sense to consider small upgrades to an aging device. While the average desktop PC lasts between 2 to 3 years, through good maintenance, it could last from 5 to 8 years.

But even under good maintenance, you’ll want to consider upgrades as even the best desktop computer that's well maintained will show a lot of these signs. And HP can help find your next future-proof PC.

10 signs you need a new PC

Here are the key aspects to consider to determine when it’s best to upgrade any computer.

New software not functioning

Whether it’s an application you downloaded or something else, a clear sign you’ll need an upgrade is if the new software can’t work with your current desktop PC.

Playing high-quality games

From graphics to a game’s file size, high-quality games demand a lot of power and processing from your computer. While the best desktop computers today can easily handle these demands, older computers will struggle to keep up. Some examples are:

  • Graphics might be lower quality, 
  • You might experience more lag and slowdown, 
  • The computer fans will be whirring loudly, 
  • Or you’ll experience frequent crashes.

Regardless, if your computer shows any of these signs, it’s clear the computer isn’t built for high-quality games. Upgrading parts or the desktop altogether would be ideal.

Slowdown on current software

Software is constantly updating with each new iteration fixing bugs, patching potential issues, and boosting the performance of the software. Even if you’re running the latest version of the software, the hardware in your computer could have problems keeping up with it.

As mentioned above, updates or new software, in general, could prevent the software from functioning. However, in other circumstances, you can experience a slowdown.

It’s a sign you need to upgrade if your PC doesn’t meet the compatibility details of the software in question. You generally want to check a software’s minimum component requirements before installing, but it’s essential in these circumstances.

If your PC is compatible, there might be issues somewhere else. In those instances, HP Care Pack is a viable option. You can get technical support at any time, along with full coverage of repairs, parts, and labour, all risk-free.

Multiple users

In other cases, it can come down to your living circumstances. Having multiple users on the same computer can result in the computer being in constant use all day long. Depending on usage, this can wear down the computer over time. It can also cause inconveniences from time to time before it’s truly time to replace it or purchase a separate PC.

For example, you need the computer to finish an important business proposal, but your kid also needs to finish a school report for tomorrow. Another desktop - a different upgrade - can avoid inconveniences like this.

Out-of-date security

Computer companies provide updates to operating systems, especially more current programs. After some time, companies will not provide updates to older computers. This is crucial, as updates to operating systems include bug fixes and better security to prevent the computer from getting hacked.

While there are other security features to think about when considering an upgrade or replacement, an update to your computer’s operating system could solve your PC’s initial issues.

Noisy computer fans

This is commonly the first signal of an aging computer. Normally, the computer’s fan is going to be noisy during any intensive operations. However, if this happens when you’re running simple tasks, this is a clear sign the computer has an issue.

If you’re PC is not up-to-date, the latest version of an operating system or other software programs could cause its fans to run frequently. This results in the computer running warmer than usual, and the fans working overtime to keep it cool.

The cost of repair is too high

Computer repairs and routine maintenance are expected during a PC’s lifecycle. Repairs, in particular, are a cost-effective method over upgrading in most circumstances.

The only scenario where it’s worth an upgrade is when the constant repairs and disruption of repairs cost more than getting a new desktop. 

Expensive hardware repairs

Accidents happen. A keyboard, trackpad or mouse stops working, and there’s not much you can do aside from buying a new one. It provides a mild inconvenience, and it’s a simple fix. 

But what if it’s a cracked screen? What if the backlight on your computer goes, and you’re left looking at a black screen? Those repairs are incredibly expensive, and you may be better off getting a new computer.

The computer can’t multitask as well

With the advancement of modern technology, computers can run two or more applications at the same time. A sign that you need to upgrade your computer may be when you notice it’s taking longer to switch to different windows. The same can be the case with multiple tabs, too.

Startup and shutdown take a long time

When you start up a brand new desktop, you’ll know the startup and shutdown speeds are mere seconds. As the desktop gets older, the amount of time it takes to shut down and startup will move from a few seconds to a few minutes.

When this starts to happen, it could be a sign that your computer needs of an upgrade, but not all the time. In some circumstances, you may have added several applications that you want to load automatically once logged in. That will eat into loading time as the computer booted those applications on top of its usual booting sequence.

Considerations to make before upgrading

For the best home desktop, HP has many options. Paired with customization, you have several considerations to make. But one of the most important considerations is what type of desktop PC you want.

There are two main Windows 11 computer styles to pick from, each with pros and cons: tower desktops and all-in-one (AiO) computers.


Tower desktop computers are more traditional desktop PCs. A computer tower is connected to a monitor, with the PC’s parts stored in the tower. Tower computers offer some distinct advantages such as:

Accessorize: If you need to add additional parts for your profession, these are compatible with a range of external devices.

Dual monitors: Display flexibility is easier as a tower has an easier time connecting to two or more monitors.

Customizable: All-around higher customization as owners of tower computers can build and upgrade their computers as need be. Towers also have drive bays and RAM upgrades for additional storage.

You can get a feel for towers through HP’s ENVY and Pavilion desktops.

The HP ENVY Desktop is excellent for any creative individual. It has stellar power and performance able to exceed your expectations. Rendering, editing, streaming, and broadcasting video is smooth too.

The HP Pavilion Gaming tower is no slouch either, with a powerful rig that is built to keep up with the latest and greatest in gaming now and in the future. Combined with a sleek yet compact design, you’ll find the performance will easily match whichever games you choose to play, and offer ample room to expand and upgrade.

All-in-one (AiO)

Alternatively, for those dipping into PCs for the first time or wanting an easier device, an all-in-one desktop computer is a great option. Beyond some compelling reasons to consider them, the best all-in-one desktop computers also offer the following benefits:

Easy set-up: Windows 11 switching will be easier since all-in-one computers are pre-built. Beyond that, generally setting them up requires as little as plugging it in and booting it.

Space-saving and transportable: They’re easier to transport as they lack a tower. Along the same lines, they also won’t take up as much space. Designs for these PCs now are getting slimmer which saves up more space.

New features: You can make the monitor touchscreen. Great for artwork or design, there are also several other apps where touchscreen works better.

You can experience these benefits for yourself through HP’s EliteOne or Pavilion. 

The HP EliteOne is remarkably thin in its design and elevates the AiO experience with its power, high security, and no-compromise solutions. This is excellent for businesses as it can easily meet the demands for technical software.

The HP Pavilion excels as a family or personal computer. Its design is fitting for staying productive or for streaming or gaming with a flicker-free display and excellent audio. The blue light filter also prevents eye strain for those long working hours too.


Getting your best desktop computer is a big decision, and there are several considerations to be made. Nevertheless, if your current PC is undergoing one or more of those signs mentioned above, now would be a great time to reach a decision.

About the Author: Eric Burdon is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. He’s been a professional writer since 2015.


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