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Meet the New HP ZBook Workstations: HP Studio & HP Create

Meet the New HP ZBook Workstations: HP Studio & HP Create

Computer users have always wanted a mix of power and portability in one machine. Should you really have to decide between graphics, gaming, streaming, engineering, or 3D design? Why can’t one machine do it all?

The thing is, many of us are more than just telecommuters, or gamers, or students, or creative professionals. We are multifaceted. We shouldn’t have to limit ourselves. “Which laptop is best for this one slice of my life?” Why not have a single laptop that can fit every one of our identities?

What has reviewers so excited about the new HP workstation laptops is the unprecedented attention to design; integrating new small, powerful components to max out and combine your professional and personal lives. The HP ZBook Studio G7 and the HP ZBook Create G7 are turning heads as the ultimate no-compromise machines for technical pros and serious creators.

Why choose an HP ZBook workstation laptop?

Mobile work has often been more challenging than the stability of focused attention in your own office. Work done in cafes, airplanes, and cars can suffer a productivity hit from slow connections, frequent stops and starts, and skimpy portable specs. These hindrances can make us feel like we’re working under water. That goes double in high-powered careers like engineering, motion graphics, or other creative fields.

Choosing an HP ZBook can lift your work-from-anywhere productivity by giving you the power and accessibility you need to get the job done no matter where you happen to be.

The gold standard in power and mobility

Let’s look under the hood of these two purpose-built machines. We’ll see not just impressive specs lists, but also groundbreaking design, including military-grade testing and breakthrough vapour-chamber cooling.

And then there are the specs that include 8-core processors, Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays, NVIDIA® Quadro® and GeForce® graphics, mammoth internal storage, and a candy store of pro-level options in a thin, light, recyclable aluminum chassis.

Get real work done on-the-go

The HP ZBook Studio G7 and HP ZBook Create G7 workstations sport powerful wireless connections to stay productive on the move. The first is WiFi 6, which is the next step in the evolution of WiFi and boasts 3 times faster upload speeds and 4K video conferencing. The second is an optional, gigabit-class, speedy 4G LTE that connects everywhere there’s cell service.

Another refreshing upgrade is Modern Standby. It tosses traditionally slow startups out the window by revamping the standby experience. Want to work for five minutes on a new Tinkercad design or Premiere Pro project? Small slices of time won’t go to waste because the new HP workstation laptops are ready to work the instant inspiration strikes.

Portable support for demanding work and play

To do their best work, engineers, architects, 3D-workflow pros, and creatives have always been tied to massive deskbound workstations. The HP ZBook Create and HP ZBook Studio workstations break those brick-and-mortar chains, bringing 10th-generation Intel® Xeon® processors to a slim, sleek laptop body.

Conquer Autodesk 3ds workflows and games like Final Fantasy XV with next-gen graphics. The HP ZBook’s NVIDIA GeForce and NVIDIA Quadro graphics options leverage Turing™ architecture and ray tracing for incredible realism and performance.

Deliver Tinkercad or Blender projects with up to a 4K UHD OLED DreamColor display. The complete colour accuracy and true blacks will open up whole new worlds of visual fidelity.

Breakthrough vapour-chamber cooling

“Um, well, I’m both.” No need to answer if you’re a gamer or an engineer; or if you use 3D rendering or data modelling. We all have lots of needs, and these two HP ZBooks support them all.

Their new gaming-class thermals deliver an iceberg of cool quietly, with titanium-based vapour chambers, side-vented heat exchange, thin liquid-polymer-crystal reinforced fans, and intelligent fan algorithms that understand how applications work.

Thin, light, tough, and recyclable

It’s shocking when a workstation averages just over a half-inch thick (skinnier at the front and thicker at the back). These two HP workstation laptops do it with tough unibody aluminum construction and an anodized satin-touch finish that feels great to the touch.

Each workstation goes through up to 21 individual MIL-STD tests and more than 120,000 hours of the HP Total Test process. In brief, they’re designed and tested to exceed your wildest expectations. These machines get dropped, frozen, and exposed to sand, dust, vibration, extreme temps, and humidity – to name a just few of the tests.

They’re security-hardened too, with multi-layer “Defense in Depth” (DiD) protections that block malware from several angles. They use hardware and software solutions and AI to make the next Mydoom or Conficker virus bounce off like a skyball.

HP ZBook Studio G7 - phenomenal power in an astoundingly sleek package


Like all new HP laptops and PCs, the HP ZBook Studio G7 is endlessly customizable, with a full complement of processors, memory, displays, graphics cards, and storage. But even so, this workstation offers a surprising range of features and options in a package you’d think should be clunky – but isn’t.

This is the laptop of choice for engineers, architects, and other pros who work with tools like AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, or Revit. That’s because this HP ZBook Studio workstation packs NVIDIA Quadro graphics that are custom-designed for light-speed 3D rendering. Quadro’s RTX-accelerated ray tracing and AI-based denoising make short work of even the hairiest 3D workflows.

This isn’t just graphics, though; this is real-time photorealistic imagery for batch-rendering and interactive workflows that simulate how light behaves in the real world. This laptop delivers stunning, being-there renders with significantly accelerated workflows. Data scientists and financial analysts will fall for the 1,000+ CUDA cores too. Quadro easily cuts massive data sets down to size, even on-the-go.

Power, speed, and visuals for creative professionals

Ramping up the power, you get 8-core Intel Xeon processors and up to 64GB of RAM so you can wade effortlessly through complex VR projects in Tilt Brush or Gravity Sketch. You’ll appreciate the extra oomph the next time you’re building a breathtaking design in Maya or Houdini and you want to add some touches to it in a coffee shop or in the park.

Why would you work on a high-end project like that outside on the grass? Because you can. The HP ZBook Studio boasts a billion on-screen colours with 100% DCIP3 coverage and HDR capability. DCIP3 is the gold standard in colour gamut, blowing previous standards like sRGB out of the visual water. In a word, what you see on your monitor is the greatest colour-depth possible on any display.

The machine is backpack-friendly too at just 15 inches, and the nearly borderless screen uses every millimetre of anti-glare supported real estate. Plus, an ambient light sensor keeps tabs on your surroundings to instantly adjust brightness if a cloud passes overhead.

Work long hours off the grid

Then there’s battery life. Couple the HP power-sipping DreamColor display with up to 1,000 nits of brightness with a fast-charging 4-cell battery, and you won’t worry about where to find an outlet. The HP ZBook Studio G7 delivers up to 16 hours of off-grid productivity, and it charges to 50% in just 45 minutes.

HP ZBook Create G7 - the creator’s dream machine


When work or play heats up, your lap stays cool and quiet with the HP ZBook Create’s brilliantly-designed cooling system. This machine is designed with the creator in mind, but it may well end up being the workstation laptop of choice for serious gamers. The HP Create’s breakthrough vapour chamber cooling and carbon-fibre thermals are astonishingly quiet, with custom fans that pack more blades into a single rotor.

Three-sided venting and predictive fan algorithms ramp the fans up and down intelligently and smoothly based on your workflow. Sensors in the laptop’s skin also sense when things are getting busy, and a software power slider lets you manually tweak the cooling options to your preference.

Next-gen graphics

For the first time ever, the power of an HP ZBook meets the graphical ability of NVIDIA GeForce. The Turing architecture of these cutting-edge graphics cards for gaming and design fuse a triad of advanced graphics technologies into a single package. Real-time ray tracing, AI, and programmable shading make games and design projects pop and render with jaw-dropping realism and up to 6 times faster performance.

The allure of these formidable graphics cards is twofold. First, they’ll render RTX features in games like Battlefield V and Shadow of the Tomb Raider in blistering fidelity. Then in working hours, they’ll crunch Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and After Effects jobs like a desktop PC even when you can’t be in the office.

No longer do designers, students, machine learning developers, and creatives have to ask, “Should I get a clunky, loud gaming laptop or a good-looking work laptop that can handle processor-heavy workflows?”

The HP ZBook Create G7 has it all. Photographers and graphic artists running Photoshop will appreciate its colour accuracy, while educators will love the in-the-room feel of optimized video conferencing.

Whisper quiet

The sounds of silence will back up your work or gaming life thanks to NVIDIA Max-Q, AI-based cooling tech that balances sharp details, smooth frame rates, and low GPU power usage.

This smart approach to cooling means less fan time and an HP workstation laptop that approximates inanimate mode. Mum’s the word, even when you push the limits of 3D gaming or design with a mighty GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card.


The new HP workstation laptops – the HP ZBook Studio G7 and the HP ZBook Create G7 – combine unprecedented power and mobility. Every aspect of these machines has been redesigned in a configuration that makes mobile work as quick, seamless, visual, and full-featured as being in an office.

About the Author:Tom Gerencer is a contributing writer forHP® Tech Takes.Tom is an ASJA journalist, career expert at Zety.com, and a regular contributor to Boys' Life and Scouting magazines. His work is featured in Costco Connection, FastCompany, and many more.


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