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Everything You Need to Know About Buying HP Ink and Toner

Everything You Need to Know About Buying HP Ink and Toner

Keeping a firm grip on your print routine is a critical part of maintaining a smooth workflow. That's especially true with more and more businesses making the switch to remote work. It's important to get things right so you can focus on your other responsibilities.

In our comprehensive guide, we'll offer notes on the key features of HP Original ink and toner, plus a breakdown of HP's cost-saving print services and cartridge options. You'll also find a quick refresher on identifying the right cartridge for your device, so you'll never get hung-up wondering, “Which HP ink do I need?

Advantages of HP Original ink and toner


There are many advantages to enjoy when you choose HP Original ink and toner, but here are some of the biggest perks to consider.

1. Consistent high-quality black and colour prints

When it comes to routine printer use, HP Original ink and toner's biggest advantage is quality. Accuracy is sharp and quality is consistent when you use your HP printer with a corresponding HP cartridge. They are designed to work specifically with your device to provide crisp black-and-white prints and vibrant colours.

When it comes to print quality, new cartridges win out against remanufactured or refilled options. But if you're concerned about environmental impact, you needn't worry thanks to conscientious supply chain management. Later in this article, we explain how HP® maintains an environmentally friendly, closed-loop approach to its cartridge supply chain.

2. Affordable pricing and HP Instant Ink

Thanks to high page yields and low checkout prices, HP cartridges are an affordable way to keep up your ink supply. High-volume users can count on quality and consistency, while moderate users will enjoy the simplicity of the design. But everyone gets to save money. And higher page counts aren't the only way HP print users can cut costs.

Many HP printers support high-yield XL cartridges that provide as much or more than twice the page yield of standard cartridges without doubling the price. You can also find multipack listings for most printers, which makes it easy to stock up at a discount.

There's also HP Instant Ink. This dynamic ink subscription service works with your printer to detect low ink on its own, and it then automatically ships a new cartridge whenever the need arises. The subscription rates start with a free plan for low-volume printers, and there are varying price points for more frequent users. Plus, it includes easy cartridge recycling.

3. Easy to recycle and environmentally friendly

HP® has made recycling cartridges as straightforward and easy as possible. Your cartridge and printer should come with clear instructions and materials from HP Planet Partners for recycling, but you can start the process directly via the HP supplies recycling page. For more information about recycling and other green initiatives at HP®, you can also check out the HP Cartridge Recycling Hub.

If you're focused on minimizing environmental impact, you can organize your next big purchase or resupply with the HP Sustainability Buyer's Guide. It highlights a wide variety of HP's most green products, featuring high-quality recycled materials and many devices certified by EPEAT® and ENERGY STAR®, which denotes superior energy efficiency.

4. Convenient and reliable

In addition to providing consistent colours and prints, working with new HP ink and toner cartridges is just a good way to guarantee simplicity. When you rely on a fresh unit after your last cartridge runs out, you're always going to maximize convenience and minimize disruptions to the rest of your routine.

HP cartridges are designed to work with their compatible devices, and they come with clear accessibility instructions for installation. This also helps to make the replacement process quick and easy every time.

5. Secure product design

While you may not think of it as a potential liability, printers and cartridges are vulnerable to security threats. That's why HP printers are designed for security, and so are HP ink and toner cartridges. They include features like tamper-resistant packaging and cartridge-chip security, as well as a security label so you can verify the product's authenticity.

What HP cartridge do I need?

Not sure which cartridge type is right for your printer? HP's printers and cartridges are designed to reduce the stress of getting back to work quickly. And to make sure you're prepared, we've listed a few of the easiest ways to figure out which type of replacement ink or toner you need when your current cartridge runs out.

1. Check the empty cartridge for your serial number

The easiest way to confirm your cartridge's serial number is to check the original product packaging or the cartridge itself. That means it's often helpful to hold onto a spent cartridge, just in case you no longer have a product manual or convenient way to look up your information. HP cartridges also feature a security label you can use to verify the authenticity of the unit.

2. Take a look at the product manual or technical specifications

You can also find your HP printer's compatible cartridge by looking up the printer serial number in your printer manual. In addition to keeping your manual readily available, consider making note of the cartridge number near your printer or workspace to save time when you need to reorder next time. This information is also available via your printer's regular technical specifications in the HP Store.

3. Look up your device at the HP ink & toner store

When all else fails, the best solution is usually to just click over to our dedicated HP Ink & Toner store. Click through and you can easily search by cartridge, product, or printer number.

The difference between ink and toner

Although they both come in cartridges and perform similar functions, ink and toner are very different. Ink cartridges are designed for most HP InkJet printers, while toner cartridges are used for HP LaserJet printing. Ink is a liquid, but toner is actually a powder that gives laser printers great precision and control at higher speeds.

HP InkJet printers provide more than enough speed and quality for households and home offices plus they are uniquely adept at mixing shades for great photos and colour prints. You may want to consider an HP LaserJet for business purposes if you need precise lines on schematics, or if you frequently need to produce high page count print projects.

Want to know more about HP Instant Ink?


Designed to support any page volume, HP Instant Ink monitors ink levels and manages shipping for both replacements and recycling. Our goal is to minimize any impact on your routine. HP Instant Ink cuts out any ink level monitoring and reduces those rushed, last-minute trips to the store so that you can focus on what's important.

Pricing plans are based on page volume, so you pay the same for printing in black and white or in colour. You can also adjust your plan and the number of unused pages that you can rollover from one month to the next. There are several subscription tiers available with HP Instant Ink:

  • Light printing plan: Print up to 15 pages per month for $1.25, roll over up to 45 unused pages and pay just $1.25 for 10 additional pages.
  • Occasional printing plan: Print up to 50 pages per month for $3.99, roll over up to 150 unused pages and pay just $1.25 for 10 additional pages.
  • Moderate printing plan: Print up to 100 pages per month for $5.99, roll over up to 300 unused pages and pay just $1.25 for 10 additional pages.
  • Frequent printing plan: Print up to 300 pages per month for $13.99, roll over up to 900 unused pages and pay just $1.25 for 10 additional pages.

Not sure which plan is right for you? No need to worry about underestimating, since you can always adjust your plan level later. Start with free and build into an occasional or moderate plan as your work expands. Or you can even step down a tier if you have too many rollover pages.

Other ways to save on print expenses

High-yield cartridges and HP Instant Ink are a big help, but there are other strategies you can consider for cutting costs. Simply planning out your usage or stocking up beforehand can make a huge difference without adding to your routine. Also, if you purchase HP cartridge multipacks, you can cut down on costs and the hassle of buying a replacement.

Performing routine printer maintenance is another great way to save cash and keep your device in a healthy state. Draft and duplex print settings can be helpful as well for rough drafts and internal documents.

Everything you need to print

HP's printing product line is comprehensive, which is why it covers any home or office printing needs. Simply head over to the HP printer store to find what you need to get started, from multifunctional machines to flatbed scanners, colour or black and white, LaserJet or InkJet.

About the Author: Dwight Pavlovic is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Dwight is a music and technology writer based out of West Virginia.


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