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  HP and Government Affairs
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HP Labs

HP Labs is leading the way to the future with path-breaking research in eight core areas.

  • Analytics – Creating technologies and processes that deliver new ways to leverage data across different formats and business disciplines, enabling faster, better informed decision-making.
  • Cloud – Delivering an application and computing end-state of Everything-as-a-Service.
  • Content transformation – Enabling the seamless transfer of content between physical and digital media, and providing access to content wherever customers desire.
  • Digital commercial print – Transforming inflexible, manual mass production printing processes to flexible, customized, on-demand printing processes which are enabled by new digital technologies that allow for lower cost, higher quality commercial printing.
  • Immersive interaction – Designing a radically simplified user experience, where human interaction through and with technology becomes completely seamless and intuitive.
  • Information management – Turning enormous and rapidly increasing amounts of information into relevant business insight.
  • Intelligent infrastructure – Designing smarter, more secure connections for people and businesses.
  • Sustainability – Creating technologies, IT infrastructure and new business models that promote low emissions, save money and leave a lighter footprint on the environment.
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Cloud Computing
  • HP believes the cloud will be the means through which a growing number of services will be delivered -- including computing power, business processes and personal interactions. HP is committed to shaping and advancing cloud technologies.
  • By fundamentally changing the way we connect with each other and with information, the impact of the cloud will be broad, opening up new markets, transforming traditional industries and redefining how technology is used in business.
  • Cloud Computing services will have a positive impact on the world's biggest challenges: Globalization, information explosion, environmental sustainability.
  • From the infrastructure that supports the cloud, to the services that reside there, to the software and always-connected devices that deliver it - HP is a leader in every aspect.

Cyber Security
  • Because 80 percent of the nation’s cyber assets are not government owned, HP believes private investment will bring the most long-lasting, substantive material improvements in cyber security.
  • Regarding cyber security within the public sector, any public policy must improve the state of federal information systems and provide consistency in the way they are secured, managed and governed.
  • As a complex, global issue, cyber security will require generations of investment and dedication. Policies supporting investment in basic science and technology education as well as university and international partnerships will promote a lasting impact to help secure the nation’s information grids.


HP is leading the digital transformation of printing and offering its customers exciting new ways to be creative, save money, improve productivity and stand out.

  • HP ships more than 1 million printers per week.
  • HP launched the HP Eco Solutions printing practice for large organizations. It now includes the HP Web Jetadmin Eco Solutions Reports and updates to the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing that helps customers save money through lower paper and energy usage.
  • The HP Eco Solutions printing practice for large organizations includes an extensive portfolio of tools, software, hardware, services and expertise. Through this group, HP collaborates with customers to help them reduce their environmental impact and save money. As an example, HP helped Cerritos Library, a high-tech city library in Southern California, reduce energy use by an estimated 30 to 40 percent and cut ongoing costs by almost 50 percent due to HP reliability and lower consumables costs.
  • HP plans to improve the energy efficiency of its printing products by 40 percent by 2011 and is on track to meet this goal with 32 percent efficiency to date.
  • In 2008, HP shipped more than 25 million ENERGY STAR qualified printers – more than any other vendor. Additionally, all its new 2009 HP LaserJet and inkjet printer families will have ENERGY STAR qualified offerings. Using Instant-on Technology, found in many HP LaserJet printers, provides up to 50 percent energy savings over traditional fusing and has reduced emissions by 6.4 million tons of CO2 to date –- the equivalent of removing nearly 1.4 million cars from the road for 1 year.
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HP and Environment

HP is leading efforts to ensure that the tech industry is solving environment-related problems, not adding to them.

  • HP has recycled one billion pounds of electronic products from 1997 to 2007 and has committed to recycling another billion pounds between 2008 and 2011.
  • HP is a leader in managing its supply chain. HP requires that all of its suppliers follow the same policies HP does with regard to ethical, social and environmental standards.
  • HP's long-standing commitment to environmental management and employee safety is an integral part of how the company does business.
  • HP is working toward reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 16 percent by 2010, compared to 2005 emissions.
  • HP is minimizing water consumption, and has installed water saving technology in its cooling systems.
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