How to Replace the Fuser

HP LaserJet Enterprise CP5525

Note: It may be helpful to print out these instructions before you start to replace the fuser.

Figure Step

Figure 1: Open the right door


1. Open the right door. This will partially lower the secondary transfer assembly, and reveal the fuser as shown below.


CAUTION: The fuser might be hot. Do not touch the fuser other than by the blue handles. Do not touch the shiny black surface of the belt on the top of the ITB unit, or place anything on it. This may damage the ITB unit and cause print quality problems.

Figure 2: Locate the blue handles


2. Locate the blue handles as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 3: Grasp the blue handles


3. Grasp the blue handles on the fuser and squeeze the triggers, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 4: Pull the fuser out


4. Pull the fuser straight out. Put the fuser on a flat clean surface, in a safe and protected location.

Figure 5: Unpack the new fuser


5. Unpack the new fuser from its protective bag, and put it on a flat clean surface, in a safe and protected location.

NOTE: Follow the instructions that came with the new fuser kit to recycle the used fuser.

Figure 6: Insert the new fuser


6. Grasp the blue handles on the new fuser and slide it into the printer. Push the fuser in, until it snaps into place.

Figure 7: Close the right door


7. Lift up the right door until it clicks into place. This will also lift the secondary transfer roller assembly to the position in which it is fully engaged.

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