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The HP.com web site employs the JavaScript programming language to implement some simple effects throughout the site. Its usage is restricted to ancillary or duplicated functions, in order to ensure access to those who can not or choose not to enable JavaScript in their web browsing programs.

Below is a description of each of these site-wide features. In addition to the site-wide features described here, some areas or pages within the HP.com site may use additional JavaScript code to implement functionality specific to that area or page. Those items will be described where they occur.

Style customization

HP.com uses JavaScript to determine what browser and platform you are using to view our web site. Because web browsers are not identical in the way they display data, we would like to configure fonts, colors and spacings to best fit your environment. This is done with a technology called Cascading Style Sheets. When you download a page from HP.com, the JavaScript program can choose the best style sheet for your environment, dynamically. In the absence of JavaScript, your browser will display information in its default manner, without any style sheet enhancements.

Image roll-overs

Many images, particularly those that are hyper-linked, will "roll over". That means that when you place your mouse pointer over the image, the image changes, and when your mouse moves off the image it returns to its original state. This is purely a visual effect to make the image look active. Without JavaScript, the hyperlinks will still work.

Pull-down menu navigation

Some of the pages on HP.com include pull-down menus for navigation. These consist of a drop-down input control that allows you to choose from a list of destinations. By submitting your choice, you can navigate directly to your selected destination. The pull-down menus are implemented via JavaScript and will not work unless JavaScript is enabled. However, all of the destinations in these menus are reachable via other links on our pages. The pull-down menu is merely a short-cut.

Web site metrics gathering

We also use JavaScript to help us find out information about how our web site is serving customers. From this we learn what pages are popular, and where users like to go on HP.com. We also learn where they do not go or what they do not find. This information can help HP to improve our web site for our customers. Per HP.com privacy policy, this JavaScript does not record any personal or otherwise sensitive information about your visit. You may be interested in our privacy policy.

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