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Best Virtual Reality PC Games 2018

Best Virtual Reality PC Games

Sean Whaley

Warning: Some of the video games listed below are not suitable for younger viewers. Please use caution and check each game’s ESRB rating before allowing children to play it, especially those rated M for Mature. M-rated video games may contain content that is inappropriate for children and/or unlabeled content that exposes younger viewers to explicit messages and themes.

It’s certainly no secret that virtual reality is at the forefront of future gaming technology. While the VR scene is still relatively young, exceptional breakthroughs are being made in terms of user interface and interaction with this exciting technology.
Playing Virtual Reality (VR) Games
Developers like Epic Games, Bethesda Softworks, and the Superhot Team are pushing the boundaries of what players are capable of performing in-game. Soon, players will only be limited by the scope of their imagination.
From interactive adventures in your favorite cartoons to classic award-winning games like Skyrim, here are some of the best virtual games available todya.

1. Chronos - Gunfire Games

Perhaps one of the most exciting games to be released on the Oculus Rift is Chronos. If you grew up loving games like Ocarina of Time and Shadow of the Colossus, then you’re going to fall in love all over again.
Adventure through a world full of enemies, puzzles, and magic as a lone hero, determined to restore light and balance to a darkened world.
Unlock the secrets of the labyrinth as you delve deep into the remarkable world of Chronos.

2. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality - Owlchemy Games

Whether you’re a fan of the zany, wildly creative cartoon that is Rick and Morty or not, anyone can enjoy this virtual reality experience.
Perform random tasks around the house or portal to a new planet as a clone of Morty. If you enjoy open-world games that allow you to experiment and explore with a new reality, this is the game for you.
Delve into a variety of absurd shenanigans when you get ahold of the wacky tools and experiments Rick’s garage laboratory has to offer, or call on the help of always lovable and goofy Mr. Meeseeks.
If you plan to utilize the Oculus Rift for your Rick and Morty experience, you’re going to need a seriously high-powered gaming PC.
Be sure to check out HP®’s variety of gaming PCs, more than equipped to handle the most rigorous requirements for VR gaming.

3. Skyrim VR - Bethesda Softworks

Arguably one of the most successful RPG games of all time, Skyrim has finally made its way to VR. If you’re familiar with the PC or console version of Skyrim, then you can probably imagine how enjoyable this game would be with a VR interface.
Bethesda has invested an extraordinary amount of resources into converting their biggest titles into virtual reality masterpieces. In addition to classics like Skyrim, you can expect to find Doom and Fallout 4 as well.
With the right virtual reality PC and mixed reality headset, you can experience the thrill of physically striking down your enemies and slaying dragons.
The ability to hold your shield and swing your ax with your VR controller makes this classic game one of the best virtual reality games released in 2018.
Fall in love with Skyrim all over again as the lines between the physical and virtual worlds become blurred.

4. Hover Junkers - Stress Level Zero

Scavenge, destroy, and build in this exotic world of wasteland. Immerse yourself into the experience while you dodge, duck, and fire back at enemies in this unique first-person shooter VR game.
Of all the VR shooting games released in this year, Hover Junkers is without a doubt a cut above the rest.
While the reloading sequence can be difficult in a panicked moment, the interface and controls for this virtual reality game are actually quite smooth - with enough practice, of course.
The game is exclusively multiplayer, and finding opponents to play with online can be frustrating at times; however, as the hype and exposure of Hover Junkers builds momentum, this problem will soon fade.
You can expect this VR game to become an instant classic.

5. Job Simulator - Owlchemy Labs

Have you ever wanted to trash your office or whip up a wacky concoction in the kitchen at the restaurant where you work? Now you can. Cue one of this year’s top VR games: Job Simulator.
HTC Vive Virtual Reality (VR) Headset
Don’t be fooled by the title of this virtual reality game - it packs a walloping punch of creativity and endless fun.
Wreak havoc behind the counter of a convenience store or decimate a vehicle in a garage as a mechanic. Job Simulator allows you to live out some of your wildest workplace fantasies without the consequences.
If you’re new to VR or want to expose someone to the best qualities of virtual reality gaming, this is the VR game to do it.
Owlchemy Labs has done it again with this fun and unconventional virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (with touch).
Bask in the dry humor of a floating robot who constantly gives you words of encouragement while praising your performance as an employee.
Job Simulator is also a great option for any parent who wants to make sure that their child is having good, clean fun on their new VR headset for PC.

6. Space Pirate Trainer - I-Illusion

If you can remember biking down to the pizza parlor with a pocketful of quarters to spend your Saturday playing Area 51, then you’re going to feel 11 years old all over again with Space Pirate Trainer.
I-Illusion has combined the elements of arcade shooters with the fun twists that VR allows.
Take on a fleet of training robots that force you to dodge, block, and deflect a variety of attacks as you train to become the fastest gun in the galaxy. There’s just something so satisfying about deflecting your enemies’ attacks back at them.
While the game can feel a bit simplistic at times, it seems to have solved many of the technical difficulties that even the best VR games for PC have run into when it comes to pointing and shooting with accuracy.
Another element that separates Space Pirate Trainer from other virtual reality games: its use of sound effects, making it crystal clear when you need to lean out of the way to avoid incoming gunfire.

7. Eve: Valkyrie - CCP

You can expect a massive amount of people to jump into this incredible universe of space stations, dog fights, deception, and betrayal.
At its peak, Eve: Valkyrie was one of the most popular online games to have ever existed. Its in-game currency and market had evolved into something bigger than the developers could have ever imagined.
If epic space battles between rival factions’ monstrous fleets of ships sound enticing, then you might want to pick up this virtual reality game.
While the Eve: Valkyrie online community has dropped in recent years, the jump to VR will almost certainly breathe new life into this forgotten masterpiece.
There are some daunting drawbacks to this game, however. Upgrading weapons and ships seem to move at a snail’s pace, and if you want to rise to the top of your game, it’s going to take a significant amount of time and commitment.
For anyone who is switching from the original version to VR, these particular aspects of the game won’t be anything new.

8. Lone Echo - Ready at Dawn

Ever wondered what it would be like to float around a space station in zero gravity? Find out with Lone Echo. Shed your skin to experience being an android designed to assist the captain of a mining ship in deep space.
Lone Echo is as thrilling as it is breathtakingly beautiful. You can expect Ready at Dawn’s interstellar masterpiece to be one of the best VR games ever.
Lone Echo takes advantage of VR’s 360-degree gameplay, allowing you to get the full range of motion for an immersive VR experience.
If you want a glimpse into the future of VR gaming, Lone Echo is sure to give you a clear image. As of now, there isn’t another VR game that comes close to the level of graphics quality and user interface.
Prepare to have your mind blown through the lens display of your virtual reality headset. Lone Echo is a truly unique gaming experience that you won’t want to miss out on this year.

9. The Invisible Hours - Tequila Works

Want to relive fond childhood memories of playing Clue? The Invisible Hours is the perfect VR game to satiate that desire.
While it might be difficult to convince your family to sit down for a classic game of Mafia, you won’t have any trouble roping them into playing The Invisible Hours.
Despite using click-based turning and teleportation for movement between rooms and scenes, The Invisible Hours is still a truly remarkable game. The game follows several characters through an intricate storyline that revolves around the murder of Nikola Tesla.
As the player, you won’t actually interact with the other characters in the story, but instead serve as a third-party omnipotent observer, capable of moving through time and exploring the Agatha Christie-style property throughout which the story takes place.
Follow characters, discover clues, and piece together the puzzle surrounding Tesla’s murder.
While this game isn’t going to be for everyone, for those who love a good murder mystery, it’s one of the best virtual reality games money can buy.

10. Fruit Ninja VR - Halfbrick Studios

At the birth of app development for the smartphone revolution, there was Fruit Ninja. Now that VR is gathering steam, Fruit Ninja has popped back up on our radar once more.
How many times did you say to yourself, “I wish I could do this in real life” while using the app?
Fruit Ninja VR is the closest you can get to slicing fruit up in a living room without getting yelled at by your mom for getting papaya juice on the Italian silk couch.
What’s new in Fruit Ninja VR? Now you can wield two swords as you slash through heaps of fresh fruit - allowing you to skewer with one, and slice with the other.
Rather than simply avoiding the bombs that get tossed your way, you can now bat them to the side to avoid losing a life. The new juggling capabilities allow for greater combos and far more creativity as you slice and dice in the dojo.
There are more than enough new and exciting elements to make this one of the hottest virtual reality games of 2019.


If you’re excited about the virtual reality games to be released in 2019, you'd better make sure you have all the gear you need to make the most of your virtual gaming experience.
For all things VR, HP® has the technology to fully immerse you into the magic and wonder that any of these games have to offer.
About the Author: Sean Whaley is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Sean is a content creation specialist with a literature degree from SDSU. He has a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to computer hardware and programming.

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