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Why buy HP inkjet and LaserJet printers?

HP print permanence and durability


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See how your photos stand up to time by using HP’s Light Fade Simulator

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Whether you’re archiving documents for your business records or printing photos, you want your prints to last. HP invests heavily in the research and technology that ensure documents and photos last for decades. HP researchers carefully consider both permanence and durability when they develop new printing supplies and papers.

Permanence refers to how well a printed image lasts over time—whether it fades when exposed to sunlight, heat, humidity or airborne pollutants. Durability refers to how well an image resists accidents—such as spilled water, smudging and fingernail scratches. All HP inks and papers must meet rigorous print permanence and durability tests developed by HP and by relevant standardization organizations or independent test labs.

Everyday prints

The documents you print every day need to look great, and they need to last. You get both when you print using Original HP inks.
  • Fade-resistant: Environmental factors such as light can fade prints, affecting color and readability over time. When you choose Original HP inks, archived documents retain black text and color quality for decades without fading, even on plain papers.1
  • Durable: Choosing Original HP inks and HP papers with ColorLok® technology delivers faster dry times and allows you to handle your prints sooner.
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Business documents

The documents you print for business demand the high level of quality you’d expect for marketing collateral as well as the permanence and durability required for archived files.
  • Fade-resistant: Archive documents that maintain black text and color quality for decades, without fading, using Original HP inks.1 Count on HP ink and paper to ensure stored legal documents and archived files maintain their print quality and readability for years to come.
  • Certified durable: HP Officejet pigment inks are designed for the office, allowing you to print professional documents that resist smudges, highlighter smear, and water exposure.1,2 And HP Officejet pigment inks are specially formulated to produce fast-drying documents when using HP papers with ColorLok technology.

See below all HP ink durability certificates for the ISO 11798 standard:

Additionally, HP holds durability certifications for LaserJet systems as well:

Current products:

Mono LaserJet's: LJ P3015; LJ 5200; LJ 9040/9050; P1102; P1566/P1606DN; P3015; M601; M602; M603; M401;

Color LaserJet’s: CLJ CM6015; CP5225; CP4525; M451; M551; CLJ CP5525;

MFP: CM6040 MFP; CM6030; LJ 9040/9050 MFP, M1132/M1212NF, M375/M475, M525/M521, M575/M570, M425, M775, M1536dnf

Obsolete products:

Mono LaserJet's: LJ 1000w/1005w, LJ 1018, LJ 1020, LJ 1022, LJ 1200, LJ 1160/1320, LJ 1150, LJ 1300, LJ P2015, LJ 2200, LJ 2300, LJ 2400, LJ P3005, LJ3200, LJ 3300, LJ 4100, LJ 4200, LJ 4250/4350, LJ 4300, LJ 5100, LJ 8150, LJ P1005, LJ P1505, LJ P1006, LJ P4015, LJ P2055

Color LaserJet’s: CLJ 1500/2500, CLJ 1600, CLJ 2550, CLJ 2600n, CLJ 2605, CLJ 3000, CLJ CP3505, CLJ 3600, CLJ 3800, CLJ CP4005, CLJ 4600, CLJ 4650, CP1515n, CP2025, CP3525, CLJ 4700, CLJ 5550, CLJ 9500, CP1525

MFP: CM2320, LJ M3027/3035, CM3530, LJ M4345, LJ M1005, CLJ M1015/M1017, CLJ 2820/2840, LJ 3050, LJ 3380, LJ 9065, LJ M1120, CM1312, M1319f, LJ M1522, CM8060/8050, CLJ 4730, CM1415, LJ M5025/5035

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Because photos are some of your most precious possessions, they should stand the test of time. That’s why HP offers a wide-ranging portfolio of inks and photo papers for long-lasting, lab-quality prints.
  • Fade-resistant: Photos can fade or discolor from normal exposure to light and other environmental factors. If you choose Original HP inks and select HP photo papers, your lab-quality photos can last for generations.3
  • Durable: Using Original HP inks with HP Advanced Photo Paper enables your photos to withstand rain and water spills, and dry instantly, so you can share them immediately without the fear of smudging or smearing.
Each ink and paper combination delivers a different level of permanence and durability. View the fade and water resistance of specific combinations of Original HP inks and HP photo papers.

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Testing standards

HP conducts internal testing—and contracts independent testing—to ensure reliable claims related to print permanence and durability. And HP inks and papers must meet rigorous tests developed by HP and by relevant standardization organizations or independent test labs.
  • For documents: HP adheres to ISO 11798 Permanence and Durability Methods and additionally accepted acceleration methods intended to mimic real-world experiences. To predict archival properties on plain paper, HP conducts accelerated dark storage tests to determine if an archived document will retain its black text and color quality for decades.
  • For photos: HP uses established, independent test labs such as Wilhelm Imaging ResearchNon-HP site to test ink and photo paper products. HP directly participates with industry standardization bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)Non-HP site, which develop procedures used to test and compare products. When third-party testing isn’t possible, or the technology is so advanced that there isn’t an industry standard, HP develops its own set of tests based on extensive experience in photo printing technology and knowledge of how HP customers use photo prints. See Fade Resistance report (PDF 118KB) for more information on photo testing.

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Learn more about HP print permanence and durability

Because HP ink and paper combinations are designed together to deliver long-lasting results, your documents, important records and photo memories resist fading for decades.

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1 Based on paper industry predictions for acid-free papers and Original HP inks; colorant stability data at room temperature based on similar systems tested as per ISO 11798 and ISO 18909.
2 Based on HP internal testing, using paper with the ColorLok logo.
3 Display permanence rating by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. or HP Image Permanence Lab.

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