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HP Technology for Community Frequently Asked Questions


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What if my nonprofit organization has never used wireless technology?
HP will help your organization to understand the basics of mobility and wireless.  You can begin learning the basics of how wireless can help your organization at http://www.hp.com/sbso/wireless/understanding.html.

What kinds of organizations are included in the areas of focus for the program?

  • Health and human services includes agencies whose primary mission is focused on providing one or more of the following:
    • health services
    • services for youth
    • services for adults
    • services for senior citizens
    • services for people with disabilities
    • services in the area of safety, family planning, drug abuse and disaster relief
  • Workforce development includes organizations providing job training services
  • Environment includes environmental and ecological groups with preference given to programs focused on the following:
    • ewaste and recycling
    • environmental product design
    • climate change or energy
    • corporate environmental responsibility
    • green building
    • environmental conservation (land, water, biodiversity)
    • environmental education
    • environmental justice  
  • Community and economic development include microenterprise development organizations, housing and urban renewal organizations, neighborhood and community-based groups
  • Arts and technology includes programs that integrate the arts and technology, including arts organizations that are integrating technology into their operations as well as nonprofit organizations that are offering programs that integrate the arts and technology, e.g. digital storytelling and media production.

Are there restrictions on the use of the stipend?
We strongly encourage that the stipend be used to support the integration of the new technology into your organization such as software purchases, local tech support, additional training, etc.

The review criteria include “proposed innovative use of the technology” - how does HP define “innovative use?”
HP is aware that overall the nonprofit sector has not adopted technology at the same rate as for-profit businesses and government entities.  Consequently, the concept of innovation varies.  Innovation for one organization may include the ability for staff to work remotely while innovation for other organizations may mean using new mapping technology to identify high-crime neighborhoods in order to advocate for advanced policing strategies.  HP seeks to support innovation in its many forms in order to build the capacity of each grant recipient as well as to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector.

Why are “member agencies” not eligible to apply for this award?
Member agencies include organizations such as trade associations and professional associations. This initiative is targeted toward nonprofit organizations that are direct service providers to clients.

How many awards does HP plan to grant?
HP will award the HP mobile wireless package to up to 100 qualified nonprofit organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Why is HP limiting the geographic scope of the program?
Preference will be given to organizations operating in or near the following HP site communities:

  • CA - Bay Area (nine county Bay Area)
  • CA - Roseville/Sacramento
  • CA - San Diego
  • CO - Fort Collins
  • CO - Colorado Springs
  • ID – Boise
  • GA – Alpharetta
  • GA – Atlanta
  • MA – Andover
  • MA – Marlborough
  • NH – Nashua
  • NY Metro - Albany, Cheektowaga, Fairport, Liverpool, Nicholville, Utica
  • NJ – Bridgewater
  • NJ – Paramus
  • NY – Melville
  • NY - New York
  • OR – Corvallis
  • TX – Houston
  • WA – Vancouver
  • PR – Aguadilla
  • DC Metro – Columbia
  • MD – Rockville
  • MD – Linthicum
  • DC – Washington
  • VA - Falls Church
  • VA – Reston

HP will request that you identify the zip codes in which your organization operates in order to determine your organization’s degree of preference. The locations were selected based upon identification of HP sites with the largest numbers of HP employees because one of our key objectives for the program is to support communities where HP employees work and live.

Should my organization apply if it operates outside the preferred geographic areas? 
Organizations applying from outside the geographically preferred areas may be considered and will be assessed solely on the other review criteria including innovation and organizational capacity to maintain and sustain the technology infrastructure.

My organization received a grant or sponsorship from HP in 2005 through the HP Employee Giving Program.  Does that mean that we are not eligible to apply?
Through HP’s Employee Giving Program, employee donations of cash and/or equipment are matched by HP.  Organizations that received support through the HP Employee Giving Program are eligible to apply.  In addition, organizations that indicate HP employee or HP retired employee involvement will receive additional consideration.  Sponsorship by HP in 2005 does not preclude your organization from applying.

Are schools or churches with 501(c)(3) designations eligible to apply?
Schools are not eligible to apply for the HP Technology for Community Grants Initiative and are encouraged to apply for the HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative at www.hp.com/go/hpteach. Churches will only be considered if they have a 501(c)(3) status and the program seeking support is nonsectarian.

What will the reporting requirements be?
One of HP’s objectives is to advance the technological capacity of the nonprofit sector.  Consequently, we will request data and outcomes be reported online no more than quarterly to assess impact for a period of up to two years.

What are the models for each component of the equipment award?
The model numbers for the mobile wireless package have not yet been determined because they will be selected based on availability at the time that the grant awards are made.

Can we select a different award of the same value?
No. The award package has been predetermined and no substitutions can be made. Should you choose to purchase additional or different equipment, please feel free to visit the HP Small and Medium Business website and/or the HP Public Sector, Health, and Education website to learn more about HP products for your organization.

I would like to submit information for consideration in addition to my online application. Where can I send this information?
HP will not accept any information in addition to your online application. If you reference a URL in your application for additional information about your project, the URL will be removed prior to the commencement of the review process.

Will HP offer this program outside the U.S.?
The HP Technology for Community Grant Initiative is only being offered in the U.S. and there are no current plans to offer it outside the U.S. Consequently, we will not consider applications from organizations that are not based in the U.S.

If you have additional questions that were not addressed in the RFP or on this page, please submit your question here.

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