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HP Global Social Innovation

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2006 Community Investment Annual Report
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Thinking globally and acting locally

In order to improve economic viability and quality of life, HP focuses its resources and technology in three areas:

HP community investment and education

HP's commitment to education is based on the principle that effective integration of technology can help people reach their full potential, increase economic prosperity, and build a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

  • We bring technology into the classroom to enhance teaching and learning processes.
  • We work to put more students on paths to high-tech careers, especially in groups that are under-represented in the technology sector.
  • We strive to hone younger students' skills in math and science, foster professional development in K-12 teachers, and promote college-level engineering programs.
  • We engage globally with worthy philanthropic educational endeavors.

» More information (PDF: 79 KB)

HP community investment and economic development

HP's economic development programs are designed to be globally relevant while addressing specific issues-alleviating poverty, creating job opportunities, and boosting skill levels-in the regions where they are deployed.

  • We encourage economic development internationally through technology, fostering conditions and building skills to help entrepreneurs succeed.
  • We promote entrepreneurial culture and skills among youth, improving economic stability and the overall health of communities.
  • We support the growth of microenterprises in underserved communities worldwide, especially those experiencing high unemployment and economic decline.
  • We sponsor programs to provide practical training, helping small business owners and managers build stronger businesses through technology.

HP community investment and the environment

HP promotes environmental awareness and citizenship by supporting schools and nonprofit organizations that promote the best environmental practices. We are especially interested in encouraging programs related to technology.

HP believes that companies, governments, and people around the world need to work together to promote environmental sustainability, address climate change, and make the globe more livable for its citizens.
  • We design products that consume less energy, built of materials chosen for their low environmental impact.
  • We offer product recycling services and hardware remarketing programs.
  • We collaborate with global organizations and industry leaders to develop common standards and promote effective policies.
  • We work to raise awareness of climate change, offering environmentally responsible products, promoting adoption of best practices, and building understanding of environmental issues worldwide.

These three directions have three corresponding benefits for our company. First they are aligned with our business. Second, they benefit from HP employee involvement. And third, they advance the HP brand by making it more visible at all levels of society.
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