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HP Unlock Your Energy

Spotlight Sessions

The HP Unlocking Your Energy event features industry experts and HP executives discussing opportunities presented by the global energy challenge. These sessions focus on:

Watch the replay of these spotlight sessions from HP Unlocking Your Energy in London on 28 September 2011 here.

The Strategic Importance of ICT to Europe's Low-Carbon Economy

Engelina Jaspers and Maurice FitzGerald will explain how environmental sustainability is core to HP's strategy of delivering on the opportunities presented by widespread connectivity, cloud computing, and context-aware information. In light of the EU's aggressive 20-20-20 climate change reduction goals, both speakers will provide insight into why energy is a priority for HP and its customers, with implications for everything from operational costs and capital investments to regulatory commitments, public perception, and new market opportunities. Ms. Jaspers and Mr. FitzGerald will also discuss HP's vision for the future of energy innovation and the advance of information and communication technologies (ICT) that promote greater environmental sustainability.

Session participants include:

  • Speaker: Maurice FitzGerald, Vice President, Strategy and Customer Advocacy,
    Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Speaker: Engelina Jaspers, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability,
    Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Moderator: Dan Ilett, CEO and Founder, Greenbang

Capitalizing on Today's Energy Opportunity across the Enterprise

As enterprises respond to the EU's aggressive climate change reduction goals, this session will explore opportunities to use ICT to better measure and manage energy consumption across their operations to reduce environmental impact, save money, manage risk, and drive innovation. These solutions are particularly relevant to thousands of businesses across Europe subject to policies such as the UK's Carbon Reduction Commitment, France's Energy Savings Certificate, and Germany's National Climate Initiative. Speakers will address these issues and explore how ICT, including HP solutions and services, enables customers to cut energy consumption by 50 percent or more from the desktop to the data center. The panel will also discuss how an enterprise-wide approach to energy management can optimize costs, reduce waste, and capture value.

Session participants include:

  • Speaker: Ian Brooks, European Head of Innovation and Sustainable Computing, Enterprise Business Group, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Speaker: Dr. Luis Neves, Chairman, Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI); Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, Deutsche Telekom
  • Speaker: Nicola Rega, Advisor, Environment and Sustainable Development Policy Unit, EURELECTRIC
  • Speaker: Chris Tuppen, Founder and Senior Partner, Advancing Sustainability
  • Moderator: Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent, The Guardian

Does the Cloud Have a Green Lining?

With the advent of cloud computing, how we live and work is ripe for transformation. Cloud computing is integral to the Digital Agenda for Europe – the EU's action plan for using ICT to create an inclusive, competitive, and sustainable Europe. With that opportunity in mind, this session will explore views from HP and other experts on how the convergence of mobile devices, connectivity, and cloud computing creates unprecedented opportunities for economies of scale, behaviour shifts, and innovative solutions that promote environmentally sustainable growth. By enabling anytime, anywhere access to information, the cloud provides the technical means and economic incentives to replace legacy processes, systems, and even business models with more efficient, sustainable, and productive alternatives.

Session participants include:

  • Speaker: Kfir Godrich, Vice President and Chief Technologist, HP Technology Services, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Speaker: George Polk, Chairman, Crowley Carbon
  • Speaker: Harkeeret (Harqs) Singh, Global Head of Energy and Sustainable Technology, Thomson Reuters
  • Speaker: Vernon Turner, Senior Vice President of IDC's Enterprise Infrastructure, Consumer, Network, Telecom and Sustainability Research Groups
  • Moderator: Dan Ilett, CEO and Founder, Greenbang

The Future of Energy Innovation: A Look Ahead with HP Labs

Representatives from HP Labs Palo Alto and Bristol will share their vision for the future of energy innovation, showcasing R&D initiatives that offer applications with lower energy consumption and carbon emissions. From flexible, dynamic, secure, and scalable cloud computing to the emission-neutral data center and a holistic view of energy across entire infrastructures, the speakers will discuss the interplay of technology and sustainability and implications in the EU and beyond.

Session participants include:

  • Speaker: Dr. John Manley, Director, Automated Infrastructure Lab, HP Labs Bristol
  • Speaker: Chandrakant Patel, Senior Fellow and Director, Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group, HP Labs
  • Moderator: Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent, The Guardian