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  1. Best Laptops for Watching Movies

    Best HP laptops to watch movies

    If you are looking for a laptop solely for streaming audio, keeping up with all the latest TV shows and watching movies in high definition, you need a laptop with the best multimedia performance, high-resolution display and powerful hardware. With more content streaming platforms taking center stage, streaming quality has improved significantly, and more high-quality videos from Full High Definition (FHD) to even 4K support is available in most scenarios. The most critical factor is a premium display to enjoy all this high-definition content. In this case, FHD screen quality is minimal if you are on a budget; otherwise, you may want to look for UHD or 4K.

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  2. How to Convert Word to PDF on a Laptop

    How to convert word to pdf

    Word documents are best suited for editing environments. Once you have a finished document that’s ready to share, it’s best converted to a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. That’s because PDFs are highly resilient to accidental changes, and will dutifully preserve the format and content of the document across a range of software and devices. A Word file, when opened on a different computer or a different program, might lose formatting, hyperlinks, images, and other objects. A PDF, on the other hand, will retain everything without fail, no matter where you view it, which makes it the preferred format for compatibility across environments. It’s a standard business format that finds use everywhere. A PDF also offers other distinctive advantages, like the ability to password protect your files and digitally sign them.

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  3. How to edit PDF files on a laptop

    How to edit pdf file

    A PDF is intentionally designed to retain its format and content while minimizing the risk of changes when transferring them. While this is what makes PDFs so useful, it also makes it difficult to edit them when needed. It’s possible to fix typos in a PDF file using the tools we’ve outlined in this article. You can also add or remove signatures, add or remove text, and edit images. Some software also let you rearrange and split pages in the PDF. 

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  4. 5 Best HP Laser Printers for Small Business

    5 Best HP Laser Printers for Small Business

    When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with high-speed printing that’s consistently crisp and professional, no product compares to the laser printer.
    Out-performing inkjet printers in output and efficiency, a small business laser printer can keep you productive without the overhead and maintenance that many expensive commercial models require. 

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  5. Setting Up Payment Options for your Small Business

    Setting Up Payment Options for your Small Business

    The online economy is seeing massive growth, with global digital shopping revenue growing 71% in Q2 of 2020 compared to 2019 – an unprecedented jump! Those numbers also reflect that more customers are showing increased intent, meaning they’re completing the checkout process in the same session as they browse.

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  6. 3 Best HP Pavilion Laptops for Entertainment

    3 Best HP Pavilion Laptops for Entertainment

    Finding the best laptop for entertainment can mean different things to different people. You may be a gamer who enjoys playing all the latest titles. Or you may be focused on streaming audio, watching movies, and keeping up with the latest binge-worthy show.

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  7. Best Wide Format Printer-Plotters for Engineers

    Best Wide Format Printer-Plotters for Engineers

    If you are an engineer, architect, city planner, and other professional who uses computer-aided design (CAD) software, high-quality large format printing is vital to your work flow. As projects grow in size and complexity, so does your dependence on specs like print quality and available print sizes.

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  8. 10 Best HP Monitors for Home Office

    10 Best HP Monitors for Home Office

    Whether you’re shifting to remote work permanently or just setting up a temporary home office, it’s crucial that you create a sustainable setup that mirrors or exceeds traditional office workspaces. One of the best, and easiest, ways to do this is by investing in a new monitor.

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  9. Which Processor is Best for Your Laptop?

    Which Processor is Best for Your Laptop?
    Choosing the right laptop is difficult enough, and the availability of an endless number of processors makes this even more complicated. So why can’t selecting the best processor for your laptop be any simpler? 

    For better or worse, we have a choice of processor for every type of user. Be it a student, programmer, business user, designer, or gamer, there are several processors with different computation power that helps your laptop think and execute tasks faster. 

    With the vast number of processors in the market today, selecting a suitable processor is confusing for most buyers. However, if you are equipped with the correct information, you can become a buyer with expertise on the subject. This article demystifies common facts you need to know to understand which processor on your laptop is good and which is not.
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  10. How to Check Graphics Card in Laptop

    How to Check Graphics Card in Laptop
    Gamers, video editors, and graphics artists swear by the might of the graphics cards in their systems. A graphics card is a miniature marvel, indeed, packing a whole video computational engine on a chip, freeing your CPU to focus on other tasks.

    Wondering how to check the graphics card in your laptop? We’ll walk you through easy ways to identify which one you’re using and locate its specifications in Windows 10 and 11. If you’re looking to upgrade your system, we’ve gathered the most up-to-date information to help you pick the best HP
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