HP Care Pack Services

Enhanced protection
for your HP products

Expand and extend your standard warranty
with HP Care Pack services.

Choose peace of mind with HP Care Pack Services

Add to the quality, protection, and duration or speed of service currently available on your product. With HP Care Pack Services, you can have access to a team of HP experts whenever you need them, plus a range of support services tailored to meet your needs. Never be surprised by unexpected costs for protection, repair and support again. With HP, you are placing your trust in a brand that delivers globally and protects your technology investment, so you can focus on the things you care about.

Advanced HP Care Pack Services offer at a glance


Notebook Desktops Workstation Retail Point of Sales
Next Business Day Onsite for Travellers
Tracking and Recovery
Defective Media Retention (DMR)
Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)
Call To Repair (CTR)
Same Business Day (SBD)


Inkjet Scanjet Laserjet Designjet
Hardware Phone Assistance Service
Software 9x5 Remote phone in support
Basic Assistance Service (BAS)
Maintenance Kit Replacement Service (MKRS)
Next Day Unit Exchange (NDEx)
Same Business Day (SBD)
Defective Media Retention (DMR)
NBD Call To Repair (CTR)

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