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Scale VR.


Scale VR.


HP ExtendXR VR software management

Now your business is ready to scale VR with an enterprise device and content management solution. Take control — whether deploying 50 or 5,000 devices — with tools that make setting up headsets faster, deploying and updating content smoother, and gaining insights accessible.1

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Scale quickly with simple setup

Quickly enroll headsets into the console via USB with the HP ExtendXR Device Setup Application.2 Once loaded, you can easily and securely manage each headset's device settings and content in groups or individually.

Easily manage VR devices, remotely

  • Manage your VR devices

    Remotely manage your enterprise headsets from a single, easy-to-use console. Control network access, set preferred language, perform firmware and OS updates4, wipe remotely3 and more.

  • Create device groups

    Stay organized and save time with VR device grouping. In one click, install apps, 360° videos and apply device settings to all headsets in a group.

  • Search, sort and filter

    Organize your VR headset fleet with easy tagging and grouping. Effortlessly check a specific headset's storage or settings by finding it in the console.

  • Customize user roles3

    With customizable user roles — empower team leaders and end users to manage VR device settings and content while adhering to security requirements.

Customize your team’s VR experience4

Customize and control what users can see and access with different launcher modes–kiosk or custom launcher–minimizing user confusion and avoiding unauthorized use.

Easily manage VR apps, 360° videos and other file types from afar

Whether in New York or New Delhi, easily manage your fleet of enterprise virtual reality headsets from a secure, centralized console. 

  • Keep content up to date

    Install new apps, 360° videos, and other file types, deploy updates, and track upload progress from anywhere.

  • Build your content library

    Build your content library in a centralized location and easily share apps, 360° videos, and other file types to your devices. Have peace-of-mind knowing all enterprise data is stored securely.

  • Enable easy sharing across organizations

    Allow third-party app developers to easily and securely share apps, 360° videos, and other file types with your organization.

Reveal VR insights at scale

Session analytics3

Identify which VR devices are turned off, dormant or in use. Gain insights on utilization by detecting which apps are active, how often and for how long.

Device analytics

Quickly spot and solve issues in real-time with an easy-to-navigate VR software console that monitors your devices' battery, network, storage space, location and active apps.

Safeguard your data, protect your devices3

Developer access

Avoid unauthorized access by limiting availability of Android command-line tools and other developer processes.

Audit log3

Keep track of users' actions with a permanent history log and trace any issues related to content management or your VR headsets. 

GDPR compliant

Help your organization achieve GDPR compliance. Ensure integrity and confidentiality when protecting your users’ privacy.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Trust in a reliable VR business solution for your enterprise with HP’s secure cloud infrastructure. 

Smarter, scalable VR. Discover HP ExtendXR.

Supported VR devices

Experience life-like VR free of PCs and cables, and get insights to improve productivity with support for 3rd party HMDs5 from a global commercial IT leader.

HTC VIVE Focus 3

Pico Neo 3 Pro Family

Pico Neo 2 Family

Pico G2 4K

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  1. HP ExtendXR is available as a one-year license and is available only in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, European Union countries, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Israel, India, Russia, and the USA.  Supported XR headsets are limited to: Pico Neo 3 family, Pico Neo 2 family, Pico G2 4K, and HTC VIVE Focus 3. An Internet connection and an evergreen browser are required and specific security settings related to Internet access through an enterprise firewall may be required. HP ExtendXR terms-of-service are available at
  2. The HP ExtendXR Device Setup Application requires either a Mac PC running MacOS 10.14 or later or a Windows PC running Windows 10 v1803 or later. An Internet connection is also required along with an "evergreen browser".
  3. Factory reset, disable USB debugging, location tracking, session analytics organization-wide, customizable user roles, audit log and user authentication/SSO are only available with purchase of an optional add-on to your service with the premium tier.
  4. Location tracking, factory reset, disable USB debugging, user authentication/SSO, custom launcher backgrounds and OS updates will be available by the Spring of 2022. Current and future features are subject to change.
  5. Supported XR headsets are limited to: Pico Neo 3 family, Pico Neo 2 family, Pico G2 4K, and HTC VIVE Focus 3.