MODULE LB-701:  Row or section - Gradient Background

This module enables the page editor to apply a color gradient to the background of a row or a section.  A color gradient is where the color is not one solid color, but instead transitions gradually from one color (the starting color) to another color (the ending color).  The LB-701 module has no user-visible components of its own; it exists entirely as a "configuration module" to allow the editor to configure the color gradient for a row or section.


The LB-701 module should be placed in the page configuration file anywhere within the row or section in which you want it to take effect.

To set the specific colors, the editor should use the following "Additional Fields" within the LB-701 module:

- Gradient hex start:  The hex color code of the starting color (e.g. #2b2b2b)

- Gradient hex end:  The hex color code of the ending color (e.g. #121212)


- Color gradient direction horizontal (horizontal): causes the gradient to progress from left-to-right instead of the default top-to-bottom

- Color gradient impact area - page section (area-page-section): changes the span of the gradient from row (the default) to page section.